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TAB Etobicoke Mississauga

Ontario, Canada

Doug Kerr

Facilitator/Coach & Owner

TAB Etobicoke Mississauga

Doug Kerr is the owner and operator of The Alternative Board, serving Etobicoke and south/central Mississauga. As a general management executive, Doug has had experience in business and marketing strategy development, business development, operations management, and sales in a variety of verticals. Industry experience includes retail distribution and manufacturing disciplines of cut and sewn textiles, turning, milling, and stamping of metals, assembly, rubber molding, and marine fiberglass applications. Doug’s passion is helping business owners evolve their organizations and prosper by mentoring and coaching the owners and their employees. He received his MBA at McMaster University in 2005 and earned a BA in Economics from Queen’s University.

Member Success

I have been operating my business with my father for about 25 years. When he started to step away from the business into semi-retirement, a lot more responsibility dropped onto my shoulders. I had to make decisions on what direction to take the business and how to finance ultimately buying my father out. Between the private coaching sessions and advice from my TAB board, I have charted a course that I believe with be beneficial both for me and my father.
Dennis Caponi
Caponi Financial MEMBER SINCE 2013

Like most business owners, I reached a point in mine where I needed help – and wasn’t sure what that would look like. I’ve always wanted to be part of a peer group, but couldn’t find one at a high enough level, or one that wasn’t about networking.

Then I met Doug Kerr of TAB, and the idea of his peer advisory board intrigued me. But I’m skeptical by nature and didn’t know what I would get for my time or money. So Doug offered me a Test Drive where I was able to sit in on a TAB meeting to see for myself. And let me tell you, I’m happy I took him up on that because I knew in the first few minutes that it was EXACTLY the kind of help I was looking for.

I originally expected a bunch of business owners sugaring coating tough solutions and treating each other with kid gloves, but I was so wrong. And that was perfect. As a business owner, I need solutions based on experience, not wishy-washy things to “try”. But don’t get me wrong, the gloves do come off, but it’s done with the utmost respect and professionalism – in order to get to the heart of the issue.

Greg Carmichael
Synergy Design

As a small business owner in today’s market it was refreshing to meet with others, who although their businesses weren’t the same, struggled with many of the same issues with nowhere to turn.  After meeting with my board and going through some of the exercises TAB offer I was able to stand back and really look at my business.

TAB is a valuable tool for any small business owner.  The direction from you as a facilitator, the encouragement from members and the wealth of resources TAB offer make small business ownership a much more secure ride.

Pamela Gill
Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio
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