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Find out where you can get a Taste of TAB... our global events blast is on!

TAB Global Events Blast

Improve Your Business. Change Your Life.

Join us for a live event in your area and find out how TAB can help you live better, lead better and achieve more.

The Alternative Board is a global organization that supports business owners and their leadership teams by helping to cultivate a better work/life balance for you and your family while simultaneously running your business more strategically.

Join TAB members across the globe and experience for yourself our catalyst for success by sitting in on TAB “sample” boards, workshops of our game-changing StratPro leadership transformation program, special talks on subjects like "Timeless Principles of Exceptional Businesses" and more.

Use the drop-downs below to find events in your area

United States
Location Date Title Link
Fort Collins 12/13/2023 Sample Board Reserve Spot
Westminster 01/10/2024 Business Topic Talk Reserve Spot
Location Date Title Link
Honolulu 12/08/2023 TAB Event Reserve Spot
Location Date Title Link
Metairie 12/06/2023 Sample Board Reserve Spot
Location Date Title Link
Woodbury 12/07/2023 Sample Board Reserve Spot
World Wide
Location Date Title Link
Oran Park 05/12/2023 Business Topic Talk Reserve Spot
Czech Republic
Location Date Title Link
Praha 07/12/2023 Sample Board Reserve Spot
Location Date Title Link
Annecy 12/12/2023 Sample Board Reserve Spot
Location Date Title Link
virtual event v
18/12/2023 Sample Board Reserve Spot
Location Date Title Link
virtual event v
02/12/2023 Sample Board Reserve Spot
Chennai 09/12/2023 Sample Board Reserve Spot
Chennai 28/12/2023 Sample Board Reserve Spot
Location Date Title Link
Tel Aviv
virtual event v
05/12/2023 Sample Board Reserve Spot
Location Date Title Link
Zug 13/12/2023 Sample Board Reserve Spot
United Kingdom
Location Date Title Link
Missenden 23/01/2024 Sample Board Reserve Spot