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TAB Baltimore Washington 


Denise O'Neill


TAB Baltimore Washington

Why Join TAB Baltimore Washington?
Many CEOs and business owners are too heavily involved in day-to-day tasks and need to spend more time working "on" rather than "in" their business. But they are worried about losing control when they delegate, losing money through failed business development activities, or simply not making the best decisions. All these factors can cause business leaders to be stuck at a certain revenue point with no viable way to grow.

TAB helps CEOs and business owners ($2M-$250M) to actually apply business best practices to their specific challenges and opportunities. With our support, business owners create practical strategic plans tied to their business and personal visions, and tactical plans with metrics, action and accountability to see these plans through to fruition. Addressing these factors taps the potential of businesses so they can grow unhindered.

TAB's Approach:
The on-going, regular nature of our approach focuses executive “energy, determination and hard work” correctly so that business growth and vision are achieved. Below are several key elements of the services we provide.
1. Advisory Board Meetings with business leaders from non-competing industries. Advisory board meetings provide a wealth of input, expertise and perspectives for solving business problems and leveraging business opportunities, as well as the accountability to take action, create momentum and get results. TAB Baltimore Washington has Owner/CEO, Finance, and Key Executive boards.and released the new Finding Your Edge, Success Secrets From Top 19 Business Thinkers. 
2. Executive Coaching with an expert business coach. Executive coaching focuses more deeply on the business challenges and opportunities discussed at advisory board meetings, on the implementation of strategic action plans and on mapping the path forward.
3. Business Strategic Planning Tools Cloud Based, providing cutting edge technology to capture, track and support business vision, planning, strategy, marketing, organizational design, team member accountabilities, business analysis (SWOT), and KPI measures to help assess progress and more.
4. Next Generation Leaders Training through a cloud based learning management system. As companies grow, training is provided to teach management and leadership skills to technically competent employees who can grow into strong future corporate leaders. Participants learn how to recruit, build and motivate high performing teams, lead effectively through change, handle difficult people, seed innovation cultures, and build revenues by identifying, extending and expanding the business.
5. Company Infrastructure Building Services including Recruiting, Outsourced HR Services, and Customer Journey Mapping. Consulting services are also provided to build company Mission, Vision, and Values and Effective Communication for High Performing Teams.

Denise O'Neill's Bio:

Denise O’Neill is the owner and CEO of TAB Baltimore Washington. She is a certified Strategic Business Leadership Coach and Facilitator for The Alternative Board. As a coach, Denise specializes in working with leaders to understand their strengths, define gaps and build solutions that enable organizations to achieve success. Denise has expertise and experience in Sales and Marketing and in developing strong business cultures that focus on accountability and goal achievement.

Denise works with businesses to unlock the power of developing and executing long and short-term strategic plans, supported with critical success factors aligned with 90-day plans. Denise also leads workshops on developing an engaged culture, constructing customer service journey maps and building effective sales processes. Denise has a passion for building strong companies by focusing on building the leadership skills of middle and new managers. TAB Baltimore Washington holds monthly courses through an online leadership development program; Next Generation Leaders

She is a seasoned business executive with 16 years’ experience leading top 50 consumer packaged goods companies, Like Nabisco, Reckitt Benckiser, and PepsiCo, in Sales, Marketing, General Management and Logistics. Denise is a former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nabisco where she received numerous awards including recognition with the Nabisco Food Presidential award given to the top performer in the company annually. She has also worked in the eProcurement industry and is the founder of the Survivors Offering Support organization providing innovative peer support services to breast centers in Maryland/Washington, DC.

Denise graduated cum laude with a business administration and marketing degree from the University of Maryland. She has taken masters courses in business and has attended executive leadership and negotiation skills classes for executives at Harvard University. The Survivors Offering Support organization she founded has received numerous local and national awards including the Yoplait/Komen National Champion Award, Commendation from the Governor of Maryland, and the Daily Record Health Care Hero Award.


The Alternative Board: Offering Business Owners a Path to Success 


Denise O'Neill on TAB & How They are Different


Our Partners

Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Susan Katz

Contract Facilitator TAB Baltimore Washington
Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Mike Cook

Contract Facilitator TAB Baltimore Washington
Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Dave Costello

Contract Facilitator TAB Baltimore Washington
Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Trehan Stenton

Next Generation Lead Trainer TAB Baltimore Washington
Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Lisa Baker

Contract Facilitator TAB Baltimore Washington
Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Kevin Nolan

Contract Facilitator TAB Baltimore Washington

Member Success

We have an excellent group of professional business owners. I learn something from them each month. Hearing and seeing what they are doing in their business is motivational for me. And they are not "yes" people. They tell me when I should be doing something differently.
Lynn Gastineau
Gastineau Log Homes, Inc. MEMBER SINCE 1993
The guidance of The Alternative Board has helped me increase our revenue. The time I have saved and the return my firm has gotten has exceeded our financial and time investment. I am impressed with the organization.
Steven Kramer, Esq.
Feldman, Kramer & Monaco PC MEMBER SINCE 2010
The Alternative Board is a place to learn and gather information. It is a group of people to bounce my solutions or ideas off before I try them. I gain valuable input for the decisions I have to make. Also it is very easy to see other’s mistakes, but not realize you have made the same mistake or are currently making the same mistake. Decisions, solutions & especially employee issues become obvious.
Scott McManus
DiPaolo Machine Tools MEMBER SINCE 2006
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