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TAB Jersey Shore North 


John Mousseau

Owner and Facilitator

TAB Jersey Shore North

John Mousseau is the owner of The Alternative Board (TAB) Jersey Shore North.

John brings over 25 years of experience to TAB specializing in marketing and operations. His diverse experience includes working for Fortune 500 companies Kraft and CBS, to start-ups. Since 2014, he’s also been the owner of The Moose Consulting, a marketing and operations consultancy focusing on helping small and mid-size business grow. 

Before The Moose Consulting, John spent 10 years at global marketing agency MKTG, where he was the EVP/GM of the Midwest Division. His responsibilities included general management, operations, P&L, business development and client relations.  

John received a B.A. in Business Administration from Hartwick College and an M.B.A. from Northeastern University.

What is TAB?
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Who is John Mousseau?
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Member Success

I have found my investment in TAB to be one of the best things I have done. One of the benefits of joining TAB has been the Peer Board Member’s help in designing a sales program that works. It works because I took the time to help our sales people become better salespeople, not merely pressure them to do more of the same. By being around people who think differently who are going to ask me each meeting how I did, compels me to make the improvements that enable me to enjoy life, and boy, do I enjoy life. I recommend this amazing program without question.
Anson Thompson
The Thompson Group MEMBER SINCE 2016
There is no silver bullet to becoming successful, you just have to stay focused on your goals. TAB has helped my business grow significantly by encouraging me to take a step back and identify the basics I need.
Jo McCabe
Mr. Handyman MEMBER SINCE 2010
The Alternative Board is a place to learn and gather information. It is a group of people to bounce my solutions or ideas off before I try them. I gain valuable input for the decisions I have to make. Also it is very easy to see other’s mistakes, but not realize you have made the same mistake or are currently making the same mistake. Decisions, solutions & especially employee issues become obvious.
Scott McManus
Something Greek MEMBER SINCE 2006
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