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TAB Summit


Janelle Burnheimer

CEO and Founder

TAB Summit

Janelle Burnheimer is CEO and founder of TAB Summit in Hudson, Ohio.

TAB Summit provides business leaders the opportunity to strategically focus on their business, receive sound advice from non-competitive peers, and one on one coaching to achieve their company vision. Janelle provides coaching services and acts as a facilitator for peer advisory boards. She helps business leaders create strategic plans, set and achieve actionable business goals, and improve sales and profits by educating owners on company financial metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).

TAB Summit provides its members with business tools that clearly defines a company’s vision and strategic plan, strengthens leadership teams, and help improve processes. This allows the business leader to focus “on” their business rather than work “in” their business.

Janelle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate Finance and Accounting from Bentley University. She has held progressive leadership roles in both service and manufacturing organizations. With her finance background, she has proved effective in understanding business sales and operations while interpreting the financial impact of process change. She has been a driver in setting strategic plans and identifying areas to improve processes to meet or exceed those plans.

Are you a business owner or company decision maker ready to see your business exceed goals you never thought were attainable? Request a free consultation from The Alternative Board Summit and see how we can make your business thrive.

TAB Summit services businesses in the following locations: Hudson, Streetsboro, Twinsburg, Solon, Independence, Broadview Heights, Stow, Kent, Ravenna, and surrounding areas.

Member Success

As a TAB member, through the regular coaching sessions and monthly Board meetings, I gain invaluable mentor and peer support. The TAB ethos and coaching approach has helped me to plan personal and business goals and set direction. This is supported by the wealth of knowledge, skills, experience and support that is shared by the board who provide Impartial, informed and considered guidance and advice on all types of business issues, that enable me to gain fresh perspectives, identify blind spots and fill my skill gaps. Over the last twelve months TAB has effectively become my company’s non-executive board and its members my trusted colleagues.
Saul Goldfarb
Goldfarb & Associates
There is no silver bullet to becoming successful, you just have to stay focused on your goals. TAB has helped my business grow significantly by encouraging me to take a step back and identify the basics I need.
Jo McCabe
Mr. Handyman
TAB helped me to focus on the things that have made my business scalable. I was tempted to divert my attention to another endeavor, but TAB helped me determine that was not prudent. The economy, and specifically new building starts, have helped, but the degree of capitalization would not have been possible were it not for TAB. I compare my situation with another franchise owner who was in my shoes several years ago and I am way ahead, in fact we just bought him out. My revenues have doubled, and my capacity has increased four times from what it was three years ago. I have time to be with my girls, work on my hobbies and enjoy life.
Bill Armstrong
President – ProHome Colorado
We have an excellent group of professional business owners. I learn something from them each month. Hearing and seeing what they are doing in their business is motivational for me. And they are not "yes" people. They tell me when I should be doing something differently.
Lynn Gastineau
Gastineau Log Homes, Inc.
My TAB coach has gotten me on track and kept me on track since 2005 toward the goals I’d originally stated," says Perlmeter. "I’m totally confident that we’ll continue to realize the vision that I have for the company in our second decade.
Stu Perlmeter
President – First Resource
16 yrs. in business. Company was run like mom and pop shop for 14 years. Since joining TAB we have been able to identify our niche in the market and now the company is being run like a real company with focus and clarity as to where we are going and an actual plan on how we’re going to get there. Our company is poised to grow in size and wealth beyond my expectations and with TAB I will be able to sleep at night in the process.
Ted Curato
TLC Painting
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