Humanity & Deal Making – The Art of Successful Mergers & Acquisitions Transactions

Join us on Thursday, May 16th at 12pm ET/9am PT, where we will discuss why mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is often considered the “lost art of finance”. M&A is not just about numbers, it is also about the art of a successful hand off. M&A involves real-life human beings who are the stakeholders. Powerful emotions like trust, honesty, fear, and hope are inextricably linked to the sales process. Smart M&A advisors do not under-estimate the importance of people’s feelings during an M&A transaction. This discussion is relevant to business owners and their advisors at any time. Five years or before the transfer occurs is when a business owner needs to be thinking about and preparing for these issues.


Heaton will discuss any or all of the following:

• The psychology of buyers and sellers;

• Sellers feelings of 

    - Fear and uncertainty

    - Loss of identity

    - Feeling judged and inadequate

• The importance of empathy for both buyer and sellers

• The owner’s conundrum

    - Sell when all is great

    - Double down on business when there are problems


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