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TAB Las Vegas Henderson


Patrick Stewart and Kevin Hernandez


TAB Las Vegas Henderson

Patrick Stewart and Kevin Hernandez are Business Efficiency Experts. They work with business owners and top decision making executives to develop strategic plans and then help them with tactical execution that help grow their business and improve their lives.

Patrick Stewart and Kevin Hernandez are the Co-Founders of TAB Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, Boulder City, Nevada. 

Patrick has over 30 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry holding top executive positions for both privately and publicly traded companies. He was also Co-Founder and COO for a start-up marketing company that grew to over 50 employees and annual revenues to over $7.5 Million specializing in Direct Marketing, Internet Marketing and Sales. 

Kevin has spent the last 20 years excelling in the media advertising industry advising new and existing businesses on ways to generate new customers through conventional print and digital online presence. He is Google certified understanding the path between business search and client acquisition. 

Both Patrick and Kevin have an advance understanding of operations, business development, product management, sales and marketing for companies ranging from early start-ups to global Fortune 10 companies. The key to understanding where companies are on their journey has allowed them to help companies use proven methods to achieve their desired outcome.

Member Success

The independent coaching sessions, the accountability to work on my business rather than in my business, the insights from my board members, the spark I get from helping my fellow board members.
Nelson Martins
DiPaolo Machine Tools MEMBER SINCE 2009
The Alternative Board is a place to learn and gather information. It is a group of people to bounce my solutions or ideas off before I try them. I gain valuable input for the decisions I have to make. Also it is very easy to see other’s mistakes, but not realize you have made the same mistake or are currently making the same mistake. Decisions, solutions & especially employee issues become obvious.
Scott McManus
Something Greek MEMBER SINCE 2006
I have been a member of The Alternative Board for 10 years. My board knows me, holds me accountable and gives practical real world advice. My private coaching sessions are amazing.
Mark Rickard
Rickard List Marketing MEMBER SINCE 2003
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