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(temp) Lead better. Live
better. Achieve more. Advisory Boards for Busy Leaders

Helping business owners and their leadership teams improve their business and change their lives.

Advisory Boards
The big decisions have been on your shoulders. Until now. Monthly, facilitated half-day sessions with a close-knit community of CEOs and business owners who’ve faced similar situations.

Business Coaching
Live the life you’ve been working for. One-on-one executive coaching to help you develop your skills, meet your goals and become an even more successful leader.

Strategic Tools
Make better, faster decisions. TAB’s powerful Business Builder’s Blueprint™ makes it easy to create business plans, track KPIs and get your business exactly where you want it to go.

StratPro® Leadership Transformation Program
Turn ideas into reality — and get things done. Designed for busy leaders and their teams, StratPro® combines strategy and productivity to deliver long-term results.

Personal Connection and Deep Understanding.

Ready to grow your business, fine-tune leadership skills or prepare for a major transition? TAB will get you where you want to go.

Revenue growth over national avg.
Businesses we’ve helped thrive

For over 30 years, The Alternative Board has cultivated a thriving community of forward-thinking CEOs, business owners and leadership teams who share the collective wisdom and inspiration to radically improve their companies. Through unique combinations of one-on-one business coaching, participation in TAB Boards monthly meetings with others, non-competing owners, a suite of strategic tools and tailored-to-your team StratPro workshops, TAB Membership can deliver greater strength to your business and a better work/life balance for you and your family. All packaged in a streamlined and affordable service that we invite you to try, risk-free.

Joining TAB means joining other busy entrepreneurs committed to giving and receiving the candid guidance that can only come from peers following the same path. And who know that gaining insight from each other is better than going it alone. Tap into the power of like-minded peers, leverage global membership insights, run your business more strategically and outpace your competitors.

Gain Accountability, Expertise and Momentum.

TAB Advisory Boards offer you a close-knit group of experienced peers from a range of industries. Together, you’ll share knowledge, expertise and accountability — exactly the insight, feedback and inspiration you need to take your business to the next level. Your Board gives you a trusted, experienced community of 8-10 high-performing CEOs and business owners who’ve faced similar situations.

People Who
  • Speak honestly and openly in a confidential environment
  • Ask tough questions and challenge you to stay accountable
  • Push you to act on things you might put off
  • Encourage you to outperform your goals
  • Offer diverse perspectives you won’t get anywhere else
  • Connect you with valuable resources
Industries represented in our membership
Gross revenue of companies working with TAB
TAB advisory boards across the globe

Improving sales and
profitability 5 times over

Susan Crawford of RecTec Industries

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What Our Members Say

Members describe The Alternative Board as life-changing. They say they’ve never understood what was missing until they found TAB. You’ve succeeded and survived alone, but with TAB, you and your business will thrive.

“My personal stress level today compared to prior to TAB has been reduced by 70%.”

Bill Boisvenue BSC Solutions Group, Ltd.

“My Board Members were the only ones that were brutally honest with me about the changes I needed to make. It was the truth I needed to hear.”

Kimberley Stufflet Preferred Aviation Underwriters

“I’ve been a part of other groups but didn’t see the return on investment I hoped for. I have seen tremendous value from being a part of TAB. I have experienced some of my best revenue months ever, while also exploring some other business models. TAB has helped me go through that process, discarding some ideas and refining others.”

Dean Isaacs Vantage Group

“All of us who sit around the Board table get lifted up by the process, knowing it is a safe place to share our challenges with one another and help out with wise and creative solutions.”

Robyn Lonsdale Temple Water Technologies Ltd.