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TAB Suffolk-Long Island

New York

Jackie Gernaey & Todd B. Ringler


TAB Suffolk-Long Island

Jackie Gernaey founded TAB Suffolk-Long Island in 1999. Todd B. Ringler joined Jackie as a partner in 2019. This dynamic duo brings over 20,000 hours of coaching experience, facilitation of 1,000+ peer board meetings and a wide-range of business education, training, knowledge, experience and expertise to their TAB members.

To our clients, we are cheerleaders, confidants, counselors, and brainstorming partners. We listen closely to their needs and goals – to what they say and DON’T say – getting to the heart of what’s truly standing in the way of their professional success and personal happiness. We support and guide them and hold them accountable for taking the action needed to drive vital change and growth.

Jackie's expertise in the HR compliance and hiring arenas provides members the guidance and tools needed to handle one of the most un-loved area in a business owners life. Our EffectiveHiring® tool and SevenStar HR’s HR Consultants help leaders identify and resolve compliance-related HR risks, build solid processes to optimize business operations, and build a culture that allows business owners to enjoy going to work.

As a former executive chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur, Todd, a CPA and Certified Value Analyst, brings real world business ownership experience and financial expertise. He has valued businesses in hundreds of industries and understands the Value Drivers that help our TAB members achieve over 2.5 times the revenue of non-TAB members in our area.

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