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TAB Austin


Joe Zente


TAB Austin

Joe Zente is the President/CEO of Z3 Performance Development, Inc., an international Sales Development firm based in Austin, Texas. Since its founding 20 years ago, ZThree has blossomed into an integrated management consulting organization that has helped hundreds of highly successful entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs and thousands of sales professionals exceed their personal and business goals. ZThree is the home of TAB-Austin.

Joe understands entrepreneurs. He has run eight companies, founded six and sold two. He has also facilitated over 600 CEO Board Meetings. His experience includes 30 years leading international companies involved in a variety of products, services, technologies and programs. Joe has led companies with offers ranging from complex capital equipment & medical instrumentation to fish, software, sporting goods and conceptual services. He is intimately familiar with the challenges faced by start-ups, hyper-growth firms and large multi-nationals. A serial entrepreneur, national speaker, and investor, Joe led dramatic turn-arounds at two scientific equipment companies prior to committing to a life of serial entrepreneurship. 

Member Success

I joined The Alternative Board when my business was just two years old. It’s one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. TAB saved me thousands of dollars in rookie mistakes.  Through my TAB board, I’ve gained confidence in my business skills as well as my creative skills. Whether you’re building a company and need to do it right or taking a growing company to the next level, you should engage with TAB.

Rachel Clemens
Mighty Citizen
TAB has without doubt added to my business and personal bottom line. Some of the key initiatives I am driving right now came directly from ideas generated by the board. TAB will help any ambitious business leader find out that you don’t know what you don’t know.
Matthew Briggs
Four Hands
As a TAB member, I’ve learned the proper procedure for terminating a staff person. I have also been given insight into many business decisions that have helped me properly direct the business. TAB is the consulting backbone for small business.”
Ted Reynolds
TEAM Funding Solutions
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