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TAB St. Louis Metro


Cornell Meyer

Owner of TAB St. Louis Metro

TAB St. Louis Metro

Cornell Meyer is a dynamic business executive and president of an independent consulting firm in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Concentrating on business growth through internal development, Cornell developed his abilities for superior analytical and problem solving skills, negotiating strategic alliances and implementing continuous improvement quality and safety programs.

Having served on advisory boards to banking, healthcare, and construction industries, along with state agencies, Cornell’s companies received industry awards for Quality of Work and Outstanding Achievement. Cornell has also been recognized for outstanding service to the Military Airlift Command. In authoring Worker-Place Safety Helps People, Profits and others, Cornell enjoys passing on to business owners the benefits of his experience and quality of education in total quality management, performance measurement and profit-making.

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Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

David Meyer

The Alexander Group Ventures, Inc. TAB St. Louis Metro

Member Success

We have an excellent group of professional business owners. I learn something from them each month. Hearing and seeing what they are doing in their business is motivational for me. And they are not "yes" people. They tell me when I should be doing something differently.
Lynn Gastineau
Gastineau Log Homes, Inc. MEMBER SINCE 1993
The Alternative Board is a place to learn and gather information. It is a group of people to bounce my solutions or ideas off before I try them. I gain valuable input for the decisions I have to make. Also, it is very easy to see other’s mistakes, but not realize you have made the same mistake or are currently making the same mistake. Decisions, solutions & especially employee issues become obvious.
Scott McManus
Something Greek MEMBER SINCE 2006
I find that the sharing of ideas and problem solving in others businesses helps me think creatively about my own business. Stepping outside of my day to day work helps me look at the bigger picture and focus on short and long term goals.
Bob Makofsky
Conformer Products, Inc MEMBER SINCE 2013
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