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TAB Eastern Iowa


Mike Humbert

Owner of TAB Eastern Iowa

TAB Eastern Iowa

Mike Humbert has built a 30-year career creating and directing clear, concise and effective communications programs in marketing communications strategy and planning and inter-organization culture building.  He has served in management positions with organizations as diverse as a major home appliance manufacturer and marketer, international high-technology aviation electronics development, advertising/public relations agency and a major community-based hospital.

Mike establishes TAB Boards in a region of eastern Iowa that includes Bettendorf, Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Iowa City.  He also serves on the boards of a wide array of non-profit community organizations.  Mike has a bachelor’s degree in from the University of Iowa and is accredited by the Public Relations Society of America.

Member Success

The TAB meetings bring together terrific expertise and creativity. Every meeting is a unique learning experience. My entire thinking about what I want my business to do has shifted. Sales are up 60% in two years. The support I need to make tough choices and start new initiatives may not be found within the company, but will be found in the TAB meetings and coaching sessions.
Don Rosenberg
Shorehaven Behavioral Health MEMBER SINCE 2005
My TAB coach has gotten me on track and kept me on track since 2005 toward the goals I’d originally stated," says Perlmeter. "I’m totally confident that we’ll continue to realize the vision that I have for the company in our second decade.
Stu Perlmeter
President – First Resource MEMBER SINCE 2017
The independent coaching sessions, the accountability to work on my business rather than in my business, the insights from my board members, the spark I get from helping my fellow board members.
Nelson Martins
DiPaolo Machine Tools MEMBER SINCE 2009
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