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TAB Columbia

South Carolina

Bill Edmonds


TAB Columbia

Bill Edmonds is a business consultant and executive coach. He is the Owner of TAB Columbia and Northstar Leadership Solutions, both located in Columbia. SC. Previously he was a Market Director and Executive for Merrill Lynch, with leadership responsibility for most of South Carolina and parts of Georgia. Bill is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. He started his own financial services agency in the mid-1980s, prior to being recruited by Merrill Lynch to be an advisor, and then later for senior leadership roles with the firm.



Member Success

I receive feedback from other business owners who understand the nature of entrepreneurs and their businesses. They share their experiences with proven solutions and creative conceptual thinking.
David Hirsch
Charles Leonard, Inc. MEMBER SINCE 2006
The independent coaching sessions, the accountability to work on my business rather than in my business, the insights from my board members, the spark I get from helping my fellow board members.
Nelson Martins
DiPaolo Machine Tools MEMBER SINCE 2009
I have been a member of The Alternative Board for 10 years. My board knows me, holds me accountable and gives practical real world advice. My private coaching sessions are amazing.
Mark Rickard
Rickard List Marketing MEMBER SINCE 2003
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