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TAB Atlanta Central


William M. Fadul

Owner and President

TAB Atlanta Central

The Alternative Board (TAB) has for over 25 years provided owners, CEO’s, presidents and managing partners of small to medium sized businesses a powerful and confidential forum to tap into the business know-how and wisdom of a peer advisory setting with non-competing peers to become more effective leaders, energized by their personal and professional visions and supported by professional coaching, proprietary business tools and positive accountability.

William Fadul, Owner and President of TAB Atlanta Central, has been a business owner in Atlanta for over 30 years, founding The Building Firm Inc. and a founding partner of MOSAIC Design-Build Inc., a prominent and award-winning construction and remodeling firm known for its blend of innovative design and business process.

William’s business experience in the small/medium company space is extensive and includes particular emphases on finance and P&L, HR/people management, sales and sales management, mentoring and coaching, and succession planning. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill with a degree in English and holds certifications in the sustainable construction field as well as being a TAB-certified Facilitator and Coach.

The passion William brings to his work through TAB Atlanta Central is to leverage his knowledge and experience and the power of TAB to make every leader more effective and fulfilled, every company more productive and a better place to work, and every journey more meaningful.

Member Success

TAB helped me to focus on the things that have made my business scalable. I was tempted to divert my attention to another endeavor, but TAB helped me determine that was not prudent. My revenues have doubled, and my capacity has increased four times from what it was three years ago. I have time to be with my girls, work on my hobbies and enjoy life.
Bill Armstrong
President – ProHome Colorado MEMBER SINCE 2011
I have been a member of The Alternative Board for 10 years. My board knows me, holds me accountable and gives practical real world advice. My private coaching sessions are amazing.
Mark Rickard
Rickard List Marketing MEMBER SINCE 2003
We have an excellent group of professional business owners. I learn something from them each month. Hearing and seeing what they are doing in their business is motivational for me. And they are not "yes" people. They tell me when I should be doing something differently.
Lynn Gastineau
Gastineau Log Homes, Inc. MEMBER SINCE 1993
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