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A sales team is like the heartbeat of every company; they can help a business survive and grow, or cause a business to plummet and fail. With that said, to be successful, you need a high performing sales team – an underperforming sales team is not an option.

If your salespeople are not at the high performing mark yet, here is the biggest reason why they might be underperforming: Lack of Inspiration From Management.

Unfortunately, that is on their sales manager. The fact is, many sales managers were promoted into that role with little or no formal training on how to be effective managing a sales team. As a result, many mistakes are made in attempting to motivate a sales team. The good news is you can learn how to truly inspire your sales team by attending this webinar.


You Will Discover:

  • What you need to work on for you to develop that ability.
  • Even if you believe that inspiring salespeople is not a natural behavior for you, you will gain the tools and knowledge to do so effectively.
  • Why your current approach is not working.
  • 5 Proven Tactics that work every time with any team.

    **Note: if you cannot attend the live session on this date/time, you may still register to ensure you receive the link to the recording via email.

What Our Awesome Members Say

You need someone else to look at you and say this is what you're doing right, this is what you're doing wrong

Deborah Smook Turbofil Packaging Machines

The Board helped me with accountability...
Prioritizing and focusing my time where I am really working on the business

Ben Allen Allen Technology Advising

Boards are very good at having a broad swath of industries and experience that people bring to the table 

Joseph DiGangi Trusant Technologies

Whatever your business is, you always have to be bringing new ideas to the the table, new products, new marketing

Nancy Shultz North Highland Company

My Board members were the only ones that were brutally honest with me about the changes I needed to make; it was the truth I needed to hear

Kimberley Stufflet Preferred Aviation Underwriters

Boards 'professionalize' my bussiness, to learnwhat others were doing, and how to...make your business more organized 

Saul Goldfarb Goldfarb & Associates

It's great to now have a group of individuals who can challenge me and help me avoid making the same mistakes they did

Steve Burgess Guidant Partners

My Personal stress level today compared to prior to TAB has been reduced by 70%

Bill Boisvenue BSC Solutions Group, Ltd.