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Cost-effective Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website

Oct. 1, 2021 | Posted by The Alternative Board

You have invested the time, money, and resources needed to build a great website. But how do you draw traffic to it? This is the question on every entrepreneur's mind, and rightfully so. Your website is your digital storefront, and if no one is visiting it, what use is it?

Whether trying to attract your first visitor or the millionth, generating website traffic is a massive part of growing your business. If you have a well-optimized website positioned to convert visitors into customers, an increase in website traffic will directly translate into more sales.

We reached out to our TAB members to get tips on how they are effectively generating website traffic.

#1 Add a QR code to your business cards.

Many TAB Members are having success with a QR code printed on their business cards, and they are specifically effective at directing people to your website.

Something about human behavior and curiosity results in most people scanning the code to see "where it goes." Therefore, your website home page must be designed with this in mind. What this specific audience sees on your website in the first five seconds will determine if they stay longer and whether they will delve deeper into the website.

Tip: Depending on your marketing plan or operating plan (for existing customers, suppliers, etc.), you might try it without any other contact information on the card, thus, driving the person to scan the code to contact you.

Joe Palmer, TAB member, North Texas


#2 Use five key areas that generate website traffic: paid, social, SEO, email, blogging/vlogging.

There are many tactics you can use to drive traffic to your website. Here are the obvious ones:

• Paid
• Social
• Email Marketing
• Blogging / Vlogging

If you are B2C or D2C, it will be different than if you are B2B.

Much of our membership is B2B, so I will suggest that to get more traffic to your website, you need to start blogging or vlogging.

Going back into my elementary school days, I remember one of my teachers, Mrs. Rumberg, telling us to share with others and not give to select people but share with everyone. The premise of sharing with everyone is the same as digital marketing in 2021 —create rapport and give more of yourself.

B2B relationships start with rapport. Rapport begins by building a relationship without asking for anything in return. Then comes the authentic sharing of yourself, as well as sharing the value you are selling.

This is not done with clickbait or a catchy picture but with authenticity, sincerity, and a sharing mindset.

Today's digital marketing vehicle differs from Mrs. Rumberg's classroom —it is now blogging or vlogging, but the main idea remains the same.

TIP: Create your content, and invite your prospects or thought leaders to attract viewers. You not only drive traffic to your website, but you also create content for your social media to drive them to your website.

The advantage of using this approach for your marketing forces you to up your value proposition, increasing your company's worth, and that's a true win-win.

Have fun with this, and I'll be happy to be your first guest, so call me.

Larry Reines, TAB Member, Closter, NJ

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#3 Ask for reviews

I use Google reviews as a primary method to attract new clients to my website. At the end of a successful engagement, I ask my client to submit a Google review. Having five-star reviews will prompt the Google algorithm to place your page higher in search results. I have not used pay per click, and I still get my leads routinely through Google search.

Tip: Ask your clients for a review at the end of every successful session.

Tom Pauls – SCL Search and TAB Member, Mississauga, Ontario



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Written by The Alternative Board

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