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Are You An Entrepreneur?

Apr. 12, 2013 | Posted by The Alternative Board Worldwide

Sometimes a Person Defines the Term

The word “entrepreneur” might get tossed around, but it doesn’t fit everyone. According to an article from Business Insider, some words used to describe an entrepreneur would include: Passionate. Resilient. Self-Possessed. Decisive. Fearless. Financially-Prepared. Flexible. Able to Sell. Neither Business Insider nor I can necessarily define for you if you are indeed an entrepreneur, but what I can do is share what I see as the makings of one.

I know an individual who once saw his child playing a centuries-old game, Tic Tac Toe.  In that snapshot, he imagined a different way of playing it. He has since then taken that glimpse of what could be and obsessively worked on ideas that could turn what is a relatively boring and unstrategic game, but yet a major part of the world’s game playing experience, into a promising – and may I even say brilliant – game app. It's even a new board game which I not only play on a regular basis but so do many people with whom I have shared it.

There are thousands of stories just like this one, right? Countless apps for countless mobile devices causing countless ripples in the pond of innovation. But I didn’t share this example to send you off to try to develop a mobile app.

The point of my example is it could have been anything. But not just any person can see what this entrepreneur saw and then imagine an entirely new take on it.

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If you’re still asking what I see as the qualities of an entrepreneur, I’d say it goes far beyond simple imagination and effort. An entrepreneur has the capacity of vision, willingness, and desire. An entrepreneur pushes forward not knowing if their idea will succeed or not, but they sure can see the success in their mind. An entrepreneur might not even know she is being an entrepreneur… all she knows is the drive to see an idea through, and the satisfaction to see it succeed (if it does).

I don’t know if you specifically are an entrepreneur. What I do know is this individual’s  idea for a new mobile app has become a brilliant game. Kudos to you, Mr. Appleblatt. You’ve got my attention.

So what do you think now: Are you an entrepreneur?

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Written by The Alternative Board Worldwide

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