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TAB Huntington Beach


Vaughn Sigmon


TAB Huntington Beach

Vaughn Sigmon is the owner of TAB Huntington Beach, including Costa Mesa and Fountain Valley.

He has over 35 years experience successfully leading, growing, and managing a diverse number of businesses. Vaughn recently retired from an 11 year career as Regional Vice President General Manager for the Los Angeles Region of CarMax; a Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For Award winner.

Vaughn specializes in helping small businesses learn that focusing on their employees with the right approaches and gaining their buy-in will drive whatever initiatives the business owner wants to accomplish.

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TAB has been instrumental in improving my sales.  The insight gained from Vaughn and the other business owners is invaluable!  What I appreciate most is their willingness to share about their own businesses and their frankness concerning my business.
John Penner
Valbridge Property Advidors | Penner & Associates, Inc

Since joining TAB over a year ago, not only has my business grown in leaps and bounds, I feel like I have clearer direction and have gained confidence in steering the growth of the business in a constructive manner.  Critical coaching from Vaughn and constructive and informative comments from the board members have given me insights that’s been essential for the two businesses that’s experiencing significant growth, and third business that’s being launched this year.

I really appreciate all of the support and insights gained through TAB meetings.

Samuel Kim
Vaughn’s patience is simply a gift! I feel so comfortable sharing my goals and dreams with him. Vaughn has truly helped me create a plan, SMART goals, and tangible dreams I can aspire to. I feel so excited about what’s next in my business; and it’s all thanks to Vaughn!
DeAnna Dupree
DeAnna's Style Haus
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