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You Have the Power to Make Customers Happy with Accountability

Jun. 1, 2017 | Posted by The Alternative Board

Would you love for your team to take on more responsibility? Tell them, “You have the power to make a customer happy!” Not only does this approach help you as the business owner deal with fewer problems, it also has the effect of making the employees feel better about themselves and how they can influence the company they work for. Of course, you have happy customers too!

If your team gets it wrong, use it as a teaching opportunity. You might need to start by asking for their recommendations followed by “make it so.” Eventually, you can reinforce your trust in their ability. Over time, you will end up handling a lot fewer issues hands-on and have happier employees and clients too.

Sadly, you may find that employee who is not trainable, and you will have to deal with that individual accordingly. At least you will realize sooner who those people are.

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Written by The Alternative Board