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The Best Business Practices: What You Need To Know

Feb. 27, 2020 | Posted by The Alternative Board

As business scales, circumstances change, and every company must adapt to new situations. Some businesses decide to experiment with different solutions to find out which suits their needs best. While it may seem like a logical approach, it's usually ineffective and often leads to making poor decisions.

A far better way of adapting to new circumstances and making the right changes is to pay attention to successful businesses and the ways they operate. You may then use the most successful elements of their management and implement those best practices into your own business.

What You Need to Know About Best Business Practices

Best business practice includes discovering and utilizing the optimal ways of operating to reach your business objectives. The process involves staying on top of the newest operating trends of successful businesses and comparing them to your ways of handling those same operations..

Using best practices in business means learning how to manage various business operations from the experience of other companies. The most common way of doing this is through benchmarking. It allows you to measure your business against other profitable businesses and discover areas where your company needs improvement.  

Developing Best Practices Through Standards

Independent bodies establish fixed technical, and management specifications called standards. Technical standards are strict specifications for measuring the quality of a product, service, or operational process. Management standards are precise models for optimizing your organizational and business practice. 

Applying established standards to your business means applying proven ways of successfully operating across the organization. It also allows you to measure your business by objective criteria to achieve optimal service, product, or manufacturing quality.

How To Implement Business Best Practices

The first step to implementing good business practices is assessing everything. Undertake a complete and thorough audit to identify the strengths and weak spots of your business. Introducing key performance indicators (KPIs) is the most effective way of monitoring the way your business operates.

You will use KPIs to measure a range of operations for progress in reaching business goals. They will give you a base for identifying the areas that require attention. Businesses use KPIs for measuring activities and operations such as profitability, sales, staff turnover, and product or service quality.

Not every business needs the same KPIs. The ones you choose should be closely related to your objectives and able to provide you with vital information about sections that need improvement.

Businesses use various tools such as business planning, benchmarking, and constant performance monitoring to measure the performance of their operations. They then compare the performance of their organization against other companies, but also against their own business objectives.

When you see space for improvement, you can introduce other, more successful ways of operating that market leaders are already using.

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Examples Of Best Practices In Business

Business best practices are usually very logical and easy to implement. Let's take a look at some of the best practices examples:

Updating Company Software

The most common reason why businesses become vulnerable to cyber-attacks is outdated software. Always make sure all software across the company is up to date to protect your business from devastating hacker attacks. It's a simple task, but someone should do it regularly.

Engaging Employees

Employees who don't feel a sense of unity and purpose in the company won't care about giving their best performance. All they’ll end up caring about is the paycheck and personal growth. To avoid this, managers must find a way to make them share company values and vision. They need to care about the business objectives because that's the only way they will be enthusiastic, active, and productive.

Perfecting Regulatory Awareness

The legal landscape of regulations can be hard to navigate, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't always be up to date on everything. Compliance with the law is a crucial aspect of every business.

Tips And Tricks For Better Business Practices

You may implement company best practices across various sections to improve various objectives, but here are some tips for better business practices every company can benefit from:

  • Hold regular meetings. Regular meetings with your team are essential for the success of your business. They give you an ability to realign principles and get a fresh perspective on various business operations and practices. Holding regular meetings means constantly nurturing your company's core values and making sure everyone is on the same track.
  • Find a good team. Surround yourself with professionals who trust each other and share your vision. A team should be diverse but professional. Different perspectives bring different opinions, and they should be welcomed within your team because they play a vital role in creating a clear goal.
  • Always reward effort. One of management best practices is always to make your employees feel valued. Many businesses fail to recognize the work of their employees. No one likes that. Reward motivates people to do better and achieve more. Company loyalty is built on the appreciation of employees.

The Bottom Line

The business advisory services offered by TAB have helped many companies apply the best business practices and improve their profit and operations. We can help you get a clear picture of your strategy and use successful business tips to improve your processes. Contact us to learn more about the ways we can help you achieve optimal performance.


Being in charge of running a business can be lonely and stressful. By joining a TAB advisory board you leverage the experience of successful local businesses. Why trust your business to just one business mind? Join TAB and benefit from hundreds of years of shared wisdom. Apply here

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Written by The Alternative Board

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