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Who Is TAB

What is a Business Advisory Board?

TAB Business Advisory Boards provide seasoned, practical advice to forward-thinking business owners who are ready to take their businesses to an entirely new level.

TAB Founder and Chairman, Allen Fishman, launched TAB close to 30 years ago. He found that his board of directors was invaluable to him throughout his career. But what about the smaller business owner? Where do they go for advice? These questions led Fishman to launch TAB’s first business advisory board in 1990.

“As a small-business owner, my personal life is inextricably intertwined with my business life. Every major decision I make has a potential impact on all aspects of my life, not just my business life. Both my personal and business lives are responsible for creating the dynamics that have given me the ability to be successful and happy in my role of entrepreneur.”

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TAB's Vision

To be the leading international provider of peer advisory and coaching solutions to leaders of privately held businesses. Based on real-world experience, we will encourage and empower our members to achieve their business and personal vision.

Advisory Board and Executive Coaching

TAB's Culture

At TAB we support and celebrate our community member’s personal and business vision, journey, and achievement through measured accountability, collective wisdom, continuous learning, innovation and leveraging global best practices and tools. Our culture is not just a set of keywords on a wall. It is the secret to TAB’s success, and one of the reasons TAB members stay with us for many years. We are a HIGH CALIBER organization made up of the HIGHEST CALIBER people.


We are a global community, willing to both give and receive to improve our business and the people within it.


We are accountable for our results in all areas of our work and lives.


We believe lifelong learning improves our knowledge, perspective and self- awareness.


We are agents of change and embrace innovation, fresh ideas and approaches.


We are passionate about TAB and the impact it has on businesses, communities and lives.


We continuously strive to provide excellence in everything we do.


We always interact with others in a respectful and professional manner.

Our Team

Top Business Coach and Executive Coaching

Allen E. Fishman

Founder and Executive Chairman
Top Business Coach and Executive Coaching

Jason P. Zickerman

President and CEO
Top Business Coach and Executive Coaching

Michele Fishman

Vice President of International Development
Top Business Coach and Executive Coaching

Ray Goshorn

Chief Financial Officer
Top Business Coach and Executive Coaching

David Scarola

Chief Experience Officer
Top Business Coach and Executive Coaching

Jeffrey Polino

Chief Innovation Officer
Top Business Coach and Executive Coaching

Phil Schwolert

Director of Membership Acquisition
Top Business Coach and Executive Coaching

Jodie Shaw

Chief Marketing Officer
Top Business Coach and Executive Coaching

Seamus Ryan

General Counsel
Top Business Coach and Executive Coaching

Dana Besbris

Director of Global Training

Maintaining Accountability in a World of Distraction

There is a lot of competing noise demanding our attention. As an entrepreneur, you are expected to stay accountable to your clients, your employees, your vendors, friends, family and yourself. It can be hard to stay focused when distraction is always close at hand. This webinar will cover some helpful strategies for designing accountability practices that foster reliability and respect for everyone in your life, including you.

Key takeaways:

  • Developing Key Accountabilities for Teams
  • How to Hold Yourself Accountable and Improve Focus
  • Accountability to and from clients
  • Accountability to and from colleagues
View Recording