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Frank Muller III

Corporate Performance Group

TAB Tulsa

I am a tenured sales leader with more than 30 years of sales and sales leadership experience. As a CEO and entrepreneur, I have proven skills in developing successful sales teams that produce bottom-line results. I am a strategic sales professional with a successful track record marketing and selling technical products, services and solutions across diverse markets and industries. I am a vision-driven, strategic thinker with expert qualifications in identifying market opportunities and differentiating the customer experience to drive forward revenue and profit growth. I am passionate about helping business owners transform their sales teams and processes to achieve record setting growth. I am joining TAB as a Certified Facilitator and an Associate with Corporate Performance Group, sponsors of The Alternative Board in Tulsa.

Since 2014 I have served as President and owner of Smith/Associates and have been the driving force behind expanding the company’s offerings in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support and Computer Programming Services (CPS) to meet the changing needs of the U.S. Military Services, the Intelligence Community, and other international partners. Prior to joining Smith/Associates, I spent time in the IT industry with both startups and Industry leaders like Cisco and EMC. I began my career in the oil industry with Conoco.

I graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Industrial Engineering and from Houston Baptist University with an MBA in Finance. Outside of work, I am an avid runner, having completed more than 90 marathons with at least one in all 50 states.

Our Partners

Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Chris White

Corporate Performance Group TAB Tulsa
Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

John Bethel

Corporate Performance Group TAB Tulsa
Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

David Cleveland

Corporate Performance Group TAB Tulsa

Member Success

I like the idea that I meet with my peers in business every month and can share my concerns and ideas and receive meaningful feedback that I can take back to my company and act on. This has been very important to our growth during the 11 years I have been a TAB member.  As a result, we have better internal relationships, higher productivity and greater quality in everything we do for our customers.

Mitch Hentkowski

TAB Boards provide a totally unique safe harbor for issues related to business ownership that you cannot discuss with anyone connected to your own company. During the past 10 years, my TAB Members have been a great source of collaboration on new products and new services, and have pushed me to be a better business leader. My TAB membership provides the best ROI of any investment I have!

Bill Solomon
Vacuworx International MEMBER SINCE 2009

My membership in TAB has proved to be a great investment for me as I have moved into the leadership of our family-owned business. My Board holds me accountable for results while also providing me with great input on issues and opportunities.  For Fiber Pad, TAB has been transformational!

Laura Law
Fiber Pad, Inc. MEMBER SINCE 2016
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