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TAB Tennessee Valley


Jim Morris


TAB Tennessee Valley

Jim Morris is President of The Alternative Board in the Tennessee Valley / Huntsville, Alabama region. He also owns The Clarity Business Group, LLC, a general business consulting and advisory firm.

In over 30 years of business leadership, Jim has held top level executive positions with both small and large family owned service and manufacturing companies, as well as large publicly owned international companies. He also has extensive leadership experience in turning around distressed companies.

Jim’s experience is in operations, sales, general management, and complete C-level P&L leadership. His career began as an industrial engineer and he quickly progressed to top-level business leadership responsibilities. Jim now operates his own businesses helping business owners reach their potential.

Jim has a B.S. degree in Industrial Management from Louisiana Tech University. He is active with the Huntsville and Madison County Chamber of Commerce and has donated extensive time with a local non-profit business start-up and development organization.

Member Success

Since joining TAB in The Tennessee Valley, I have been able to establish smart business goals then exceed them with the help of my local TAB Board and my coach, Jim Morris.  We all work together in a safe, confidential environment where we get down to business solving problems, helping one another grow profitably, and manage business risk well.  With my TAB resources I am confident that I will continue to grow my business profitably after experiencing what it is like to grow much more quickly with the help of TAB
Patrick Haxton
Preferred Computer Services MEMBER SINCE 2018

The Alternative Board, Tennessee Valley has been important in helping me grow my business leadership skills and grow my company faster.  TAB allows me to participate with astute business owners in helping them build and improve their businesses. TAB reinforces to me that the best help comes when helping other smart people.  Problems get solved in working with Jim and other business owners.

Working with Jim Morris as my coach has been valuable for me. He has the great value of insight and business knowledge based on his strong business experience  His input and experience is so very important to me and his guidance helps me become a stronger, more strategic thinking business owner. 

I appreciate all the help Jim and my Board provides and really find our monthly board meetings to be very productive and enjoyable.
Robert Yost
American Wind, Inc. MEMBER SINCE 2013
As a member of TAB, Tennessee Valley, I have realized significant and measurable improvement in my business results. Both Jim Morris and my TAB Board have really opened my eyes and allowed me to implement changes that have increased my
revenue, reduced my liability, and helped me deal with human resource issues much more effectively.  I am better positioned to grow my business and make choices that I couldn’t do as easily as in the past.
Norwood Bryan
Bryan Animal Clinc MEMBER SINCE 2015

Before joining TAB, Tennessee Valley, I had become engulfed by the daily tasks of owning and running a small business.  I was spending too much time running the business and not enough time growing it.  I am greatly impressed with Jim’s ability to understand my business and the daily challenges it presents.  His vast knowledge and the business experiences shared by Board members during our meetings has helped me transition from working IN my business to working ON my business. Thanks to Jim’s coaching and the guidance and support of my TAB Board members, my business continues to grow and I have more time for family and the hobbies I enjoy.

Jennie Steuer
The Madison Golf Center LLC
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