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TAB St. Louis Metro East
& Central Missouri


Rick Cottrell

TAB Business Owner

TAB St. Louis Metro East & Central Missouri

Rick feels very fortunate to have over 30 years entrepreneurial experience. He has owned businesses with as little as 5 and as many as 150 employees. If you remember the Wide World of Sports tagline, well, Rick lives it every day. He has felt the thrill of entrepreneurial victory and the extreme agony of defeat. Like any experienced entrepreneur the defeats have taught him the most.

As Rick says, “As an entrepreneur, nothing beats the adrenaline rush you get when you win a critical piece of business that gives you some financial breathing room, also, nothing can prepare you for the hopeless feeling you have on a Friday night wondering how to make payroll the following week.” At the end of the day, Rick wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything and his clients appreciate the fact that he has been where they are and where they are going.

After the sale of his last business, Rick decided to focus his energies and efforts on helping other entrepreneurs and their leadership teams achieve the success he experienced and avoid the mistakes he made by helping them effectively implement EOS® and understand the significant benefits of a peer board/master mind process like The Alternative Board (TAB).

Rick’s business experience has spanned the globe where he has worked with the leadership teams of cross-industry companies and organizations like Apple, Marriott, Avis, USAA, NIKE, Rheem/Ruud, Purina, GM, NASCAR, Michelin, Kraft, Sandoz, McDonald’s and Shell, to name a few.

In addition to his entrepreneurial experience and being certified as a Professional EOS® Implementer, Rick is a multi-market owner of The Alternative Board (TAB), is Certified in all of the Behavioral Sciences with TTI/Success Insights, is a President’s Club Member with the Sandler Sales Institute and has been highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, CEO and the Small Business Monthly for his work with the use of business analytics and scorecard metrics to predict ongoing business success.

Member Success

The Alternative Board is a place to learn and gather information. It is a group of people to bounce my solutions or ideas off before I try them. I gain valuable input for the decisions I have to make. Also it is very easy to see other’s mistakes, but not realize you have made the same mistake or are currently making the same mistake. Decisions, solutions & especially employee issues become obvious.
Scott McManus
Something Greek MEMBER SINCE 2016
As a TAB member, through the regular coaching sessions and monthly Board meetings, I gain invaluable mentor and peer support. The TAB ethos and coaching approach has helped me to plan personal and business goals and set direction. This is supported by the wealth of knowledge, skills, experience and support that is shared by the board who provide Impartial, informed and considered guidance and advice on all types of business issues, that enable me to gain fresh perspectives, identify blind spots and fill my skill gaps. Over the last twelve months TAB has effectively become my company’s non-executive board and its members my trusted colleagues.
Saul Goldfarb
Goldfarb & Associates MEMBER SINCE 2018
We have an excellent group of professional business owners. I learn something from them each month. Hearing and seeing what they are doing in their business is motivational for me. And they are not "yes" people. They tell me when I should be doing something differently.
Lynn Gastineau
Gastineau Log Homes, Inc. MEMBER SINCE 1993
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