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TAB Focused Directions
Denver DTC


TAB Focused Directions

Impeccable support that ignites business owner success


Many CEOs and business owners are too heavily involved in day-to-day tasks and need to spend more time working "on" rather than "in" their business. But they are worried about losing control when they delegate, losing money through failed business development activities, or simply not making the best decisions. All these factors can cause business leaders to be stuck at a certain revenue point with no viable way to grow. 


We help CEOs and business owners ($2M-$25M) to actually apply business best practices to their specific challenges and opportunities. With our support, business owners create practical strategic plans tied to their business and personal visions, and tactical plans with metrics and accountability to see these plans through to fruition. Addressing these factors taps the potential of businesses so they can grow unhindered.


The on-going, regular nature of our approach focuses executive “sweat, determination and hard work” correctly so that business growth and vision are achieved. Below are several key elements of the services we provide.

1. Advisory board meetings with business leaders from non-competing industries. Advisory board meetings provide a wealth of input, expertise and perspectives for solving business problems and leveraging business opportunities, as well as the accountability to take action, create momentum and get results.

2. Executive coaching with an expert business coach. Executive coaching focuses more deeply on the business challenges and opportunities discussed at advisory board meetings, on the implementation of strategic action plans and on mapping the path forward.

3. Business tools providing cutting edge technology to capture, track and support business vision, planning, strategy, marketing, organizational design, team member accountabilities, business analysis (SWOT), and KPI measures to help assess progress and more.


Our Partners

Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Laura Drury

CEO/Owner, Facilitator/Business Executive Coach Denver DTC
Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Steve Drury

President/Owner, Facilitator/Business Executive Coach Denver DTC
Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Laura Murphy

Facilitator/Business Executive Coach Denver DTC
Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Susan LeTerneau

Facilitator/Business Executive Coach Denver DTC
Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Larry Rowland

Facilitator/Business Executive Coach Denver DTC
Top Business Coach & Advisory Board

Greg Walker

Facilitator/Business Executive Coach Denver DTC

Member Success

We lost our Director of Operations abruptly, early this year – our strategic plan for the year and beyond changed dramatically with this loss. Working with TAB helped me regroup and make the right decisions at the right times – our company is doing better now than ever. The ideas and accountability have been invaluable.
Barry Aho
Genesis Group MEMBER SINCE 2017
In today’s ever-changing global landscape, wealth management has become increasingly more complex thus not all firms are created equal. The owners of Aveo Capital began their careers in one of the large Wall Street brokerage firms. Their individual experiences at these firms led each of them to the same conclusion. In order to truly put their clients’ interests first and to eliminate proprietary products and conflicts of interest, they had to make a change – Aveo Capital was formed. They attribute the success of Aveo Capital to the cornerstones upon which they rely: integrity, process, competence and service. They believe that adherence to these four principles will result in long-term relationships with their clients, based on mutual trust and respect.
Chad Williams
Aveo Capital Partners MEMBER SINCE 2016

My biggest financial win so far with TAB is generating over $50K in new revenue from existing clients based on applying wisdom from my fellow board members. What really fires me up though is the greater client impact I've been able to have as a direct result of deepening and expanding these consulting engagements.

Paul Rayner
Virtual Genius MEMBER SINCE 2016
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