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What exactly is TAB’s Business Builder’s Blueprint™?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions or if your answer is no, don’t despair. Many business owners find their personal life is not aligned with their business. Instead of working ON their business, they spend most of their time working IN their business.

Thankfully there is a better way, with TAB’s Business Builder’s Blueprint™. Change your leadership style from implementing the ‘idea of the week,’ to a strategic approach that focuses on achieving your vision rather than simply accomplishing tasks.

TAB’s Business Builder’s Blueprint™ helps business owners increase revenue, profit and the value of their business by taking control of their business, empowering employees, seizing new opportunities and operating more strategically.

TAB’s Business Builder’s Blueprint™ is the leading strategic business management platform because it:

  • Provides a practical approach to creating and implementing a strategic plan.
  • Begins with a comprehensive assessment: ‘diagnose before prescribing.”
  • Aligns business owner’s personal vision of success and company vision.
  • Helps you prioritize and focus on the activities will have the greatest impact.
  • Includes integral delegation and accountability together with performance metrics.

What exactly is TAB’s Business Builder’s Blueprint™?

  • Industry-leading Strategic Business Management Platform
  • Available exclusively to TAB Members
  • Built specifically for privately owned businesses
  • Incorporates practices from the most successful companies



Modules Included in TAB’s Business Builder’s Blueprint™

The Business Builder’s Blueprint™ is able to help your business with all of the above because of its many modules. It’s a comprehensive look at your business focusing on these modules:
  • Behavioral & Motivators Assessment
  • Business Diagnostic
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Personal Vision
  • Company Vision
  • Strategic Advantage
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Values & Culture
  • Accountability Chart
  • Strategic Plan
  • Financial Management
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Champagne Moments

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What Our Awesome Members Say

"You need someone else to look at you and say this is what you're doing right, this is what you're doing wrong"

Deborah Smook Turbofil Packaging Machines

"The Board helped me with accountability...
Prioritizing and focusing my time where I am really working on the business"

Ben Allen Allen Technology Advising

"Boards are very good at having a broad swath of industries and experience that people bring to the table"

Joseph DiGangi Trusant Technologies

"Whatever your business is, you always have to be bringing new ideas to the the table, new products, new marketing"

Nancy Shultz North Highland Company

"My Board members were the only ones that were brutally honest with me about the changes I needed to make; it was the truth I needed to hear"

Kimberley Stufflet Preferred Aviation Underwriters

"Boards 'professionalize' my business, to learn what others were doing, and how to...make your business more organized"

Saul Goldfarb Goldfarb & Associates

"It's great to now have a group of individuals who can challenge me and help me avoid making the same mistakes they did"

Steve Burgess Guidant Partners

"My Personal stress level today compared to prior to TAB has been reduced by 70%"

Bill Boisvenue BSC Solutions Group, Ltd.