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Make 2022 The Year of Effective Leadership and Innovation

Jan. 13, 2022 | Posted by Phil Spensieri

As we ring in the new year, many business owners and leaders remain steadfast and resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. For companies that want to thrive this year, it will take no less than exceptional leadership and innovation moving forward. But what can business owners do to achieve this? Should improving your leadership skills be one of your goals for this year, look no further than the teachings of Sean Flaherty, an award-winning speaker, thought leader and entrepreneur, who will be speaking on the following topics to our TAB York Region members on February 16th.

As you plan your business goals and strategies for 2022, I encourage you to consider these concepts espoused by Sean to help guide you throughout the process:

What kind of leader do you want to be?

“Leadership starts at the top”

It’s no secret that great companies are often led by charismatic leaders who live and breathe the values their companies represent. Think Steve Jobs and Apple, Elon Musk and Tesla, or any other name that comes to mind.

According to Sean, great business leaders possess two forms of empathy: cognitive empathy (the capacity for influencing others) and affective empathy (the capacity for caring), of which the latter should receive greater attention. What does this mean for you as you plan for your business in 2022? Instead of making decisions solely for business profitability, ensure there is equilibrium that allows your people to flourish as well. Over the last couple of years, many businesses have had to make difficult decisions in order to survive, but now is the time to start investing in your employees again if you haven’t already begun doing so.

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What framework will guide your business decisions?

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

Before you begin planning for 2022, consider using a planning framework to help guide your strategic sessions. This will help your team spend more time creating and working toward your shared goals rather than aimlessly brainstorming. For example, I recommend specifying your vision, goals, strategies, and and ensuring these are written and shared with your team in a visible manner. TAB members use the Business Builder's Blueprint as their preferred planning tool.

Additionally, be open to incorporating a variety of voices in your planning sessions. For example, don’t limit your planning sessions to your leadership team and upper management. Every employee in your business has valuable input and different perspectives to share, so be sure to leverage their voices as well.

Interested in sharpening your leadership skills this year to make an impactful difference in your business? Consider joining The Alternative Board (TAB) where you’ll benefit from one-on-one business coaching sessions and peer advisory boards with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Written by Phil Spensieri

Phil Spensieri is a TAB Facilitator in the York Region of Ontario, Canada. To find a TAB Board in your area, visit https://www.thealternativeboard.com/facilitators-world-map