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TAB St. Petersburg


Manuel Solis

Certified Facilitator

TAB St. Petersburg

As a personal development expert and business strategist, I help CEOs and owners uncover possibilities within their business they didn’t know existed. With several tools and a proprietary process, together, we develop a strategic roadmap that allows business owners to reach their personal vision of success.

I do it by bringing together business owners and CEO's from non-competing industries in a group setting - similar to a board of directors - where we develop opportunities or solve difficult problems we are facing on a daily basis in our businesses. This is done by sharing practical, real-world strategies and solutions while introducing a level of accountability. It is through this sharing of collective knowledge and the wealth of experiences that we help each other succeed - another owner's hindsight becomes your foresight.

I have over 20 years of career success based on developing unique options for privately held businesses to maximize revenue opportunities. As a Marketing Leader, I offer extensive experience in creating effective advertising, and marketing strategies that communicate brand value. While I have enjoyed a successful career, what I am most proud of so far, is starting my own business - Viendo Por Su Salud. I was fortunate enough to have a broad network of support. From its starting stages up until the closing of the sale, I had guidance from mentors and advisors as well as entrepreneurs and connections from my corporate roles.

I chose TAB as a partner because their philosophy clearly aligns with the lessons I learned as a business owner. I am able to help others by leveraging the background and experiences of others along with my personal ones.

Contact me to learn more about growing and developing your business by phone or click "Apply for TAB Membership" below.

Member Success

Feedback from other business owners who understand the nature of entrepreneurs and their businesses, and can share their own experiences with proven solutions and creative conceptual thinking.
David Hirsch
Charles Leonard, Inc MEMBER SINCE 2006
I find that the sharing of ideas and problem solving in others businesses helps me think creatively about my own business. Stepping outside of my day to day work helps me look at the bigger picture and focus on short and long term goals.
Bob Makofsky
Conformer Products, Inc MEMBER SINCE 2013
The independent coaching sessions, the accountability to work on my business rather than in my business, the insights from my board members, the spark I get from helping my fellow board members.
Nelson Martins
DiPaolo Machine Tools MEMBER SINCE 2009
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