Boost Conversions With Smarter Content

boost conversions

Are you ready to make your content more effective when it comes to real conversion data? Don’t worry, content ROI is certainly out there – and we have the tactics you need to tap into it.

Calls to Action

This step is very, very obvious, but we need to mention it anyway, because it’s at the heart of content conversions: You need a call to action. You can write or create the best content in the world, but it’s not going to get the conversions that you need until you give people a way to respond. So if you want content to do more than build brand awareness and loyalty, you need to include a CTA. Link to your products, ask readers to fill out a survey, request comments or responses – your CTA can have many different goals, but it needs to exist!

Think in terms of a long-term funnel with multiple touchpoints and attribution. If your content is highly informational, you may not want to lead your visitor immediately towards a sales CTA. Instead, consider giving them a simple action, such as subscribing to your email list, so you can continue to market to them over time and slowly guide them to a sale.

Bringing Value

Why do consumers read your content? Hint: It’s not because you really, really want them to. Content can’t ask nicely for people to spare some of their valuable time and attention – it has to promise something in return. In other words, every piece of content you create should provide value to the consumer. Fortunately, there are many different potential approaches to this. Successful content provides value in some of these ways:

  • Product Information: New or interesting ways to use products, or how-to guides. This can work with services, too, but it’s generally more difficult.
  • Industry Information: More popular in B2B circles, this approach provides insight and analysis about market trends and the general industry which readers may find interesting.
  • Entertainment: More common in the B2C field, entertaining content uses pop culture, humor, memes, and other factors to give the consumer an enjoyable experience. A consistent tone is important here.
  • Savings and Money: If content helps customers save money – not necessarily through discounts, although that’s a possibility – then it has immediately apparent value.

Tip-related articles (just like the post you are reading right now) also fall into this category, because they focus on helping the reader either save time, money or even earn more money through successful practices.

boost conversions

Positioning Yourself as an Expert

The long-term goal of good marketing content should be to set up the company as an expert on its products and industry. This accomplishes a couple things. First, it helps bring in more traffic as consumers who think you are an expert continue to revisit your content and examine new content: More traffic means more conversions. Second, it gives your direct ads and product listings greater weight. If people believe that you know what you are doing, they will be more likely to think your products/services are worth their time, and so they take the next conversion step.

TIP: Give away as much information as possible. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge. Thin, fluffy pieces don’t perform as well as very in-depth, comprehensive guides where you not only talk about an idea, but you give very specific advice about how to tackle a topic.   Trendjack so you can use new and emerging topics to gain thought leadership. For example, Teensafe, a smartphone monitoring app, used the Pokemon Go phenomena to become “Top-of-Mind” for parents wanting to keep their kids safe while using the app.   By being first to market with this kind of content, they become the go-to site for parents.

Case studies are another powerful way to showcase your expertise and the success of your product/service/process. Writing in-depth case studies is a prime example of smarter content that provides the proof that your company is the ideal solution for your visitors problems. Backlinko publishes powerful case studies that have helped to rocket their traffic and the sales of their products/services.

Community Connections

Content is the perfect place to tap into the community that exists within your industry, city, and customer base. When possible, try to cultivate a thriving comments section that keeps people talking and sharing.

Create a strong business persona that allows you to comment on other articles in return (like LinkedIn discussions or Google Hangouts). Invite expert guest bloggers or interviewees whenever possible. All of this will help you reach other circles of customers and drive up traffic.

Instant Answers

Let’s talk a little about mobile: There’s a whole lot we could say here, but let’s distill it down. It’s a good idea to have at least some of your content focused on instant answers to questions that buyers have. Sometimes a full post or lengthy article isn’t always necessary. When people bring up their mobile devices, they are both – in a hurry to find an answer and ready to make a purchase decision. You can win these conversions by creating mobile-ready content that gives people exactly what they want.

A “Call Now” or “Order Now” button just may be some of the best content you ever create…as long as people can find it! Make sure you use the right colors and designs to help people find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Targeted Content

While ads and emails can be targeted, you may not have thought much about targeting your more general marketing content. However, this is both possible and an effective way of getting more conversions from a particular demographic that you aren’t already reaching as much as you should be.

Salesforce and others call this narrowcasting, but it doesn’t really need another marketing buzz term to define it – just work on making content that answers questions and provides value for a very particular type of customer persona that you want to reach.

boost conversions


Nick Rojas is a self-taught, serial entrepreneur who’s enjoyed working with and consulting for startups. Using his journalism training, Nick writes for publications such as Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, and Yahoo. He concentrates on teaching small and medium sized enterprises how best to manage their social media marketing and define their branding objectives @NickARojas


How Social Media Can (& Will) Boost Your Sales This Year

social media

Just this month, TAB released a Small Business Pulse Survey which revealed how business owners view social media, and how they’re using it to forward their business goals. Surprisingly, the stats revealed that most business owners (59%) are not prioritizing social media, despite its enormous influence on customers and today’s digital society.

Why aren’t business owners investing more time and money into social media? According to our latest poll, they’re having trouble measuring results. “Six percent of small business owners are still using vanity metrics (shares, likes, views) as a way to measure ROI for social media,” says TAB Chief Marketing Officer Jodie Shaw, “and 43% are not measuring ROI at all.”

AT TAB, we believe so strongly in the power of social media, we interviewed 10 entrepreneurs to see how social media directly impacts their sales. Here’s what they said:

  1. Yelp helps jumpstart our business
    Gene Caballero, GreenPal
    With good reviews comes more business. We encourage customers to leave us positive reviews by surprising them with small gifts. For example, we send dog bones to our homeowners with pets along with a Thank You card. Not only is this very affordable, but it lets our customers know we care. Each gift is followed up with an email asking if they received the gift along with a link to our Yelp page.

  3. We used Instagram to reach our first client
    Rachel Coley, The Brandiful Group

    By using relevant hashtags, constantly engaging with potential clients, and posting valuable information on our page, our first client found us! She left a comment under our post, and we followed up with her with a reply. Soon after, she sent us an email, and the rest is history!

  5. Reddit resulted in a sale for us
    Max Robinson, Kitchen Specialists Glasgow
    Reddit helped establish our business as an authority in our industry. We began by offering free advice to fellow users via relevant subreddits. A few weeks ago, we had a customer read one of our many comments on a thread and approach us for work. It proved to us the value of using social media for business and the value of providing as much free information and advice as you can afford. We now have a member of staff who monitors our Reddit profile regularly to pick up on any leads that we might’ve missed. We currently generate a few leads per month on average through the platform.

  7. We build customer trust by responding to their comments
    Brittany Arnold, Catchie Concepts
    The #1 way that we obtain sales is when someone comments on our social posts (either Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc). We always respond within 15 minutes to say thank you and encourage them to share the post by offering a special promo. Customers love this, and we spread the word of our brand – it’s a win-win!

  9. A relevant social following led to five figures worth of sales
    Sebastien Dupéré, Dupray
    Ashton Kutcher will not be your friend online, nor will Kim Kardashian. BUT, the local bakery owner will. Interact with people who you have already done business with. This base will usually translate into actionable sales conversions. For example, we published an article on how to clean up after the Super Bowl. When our social audience started tweeting about it, we were contacted about our cleaning service. We directed that interest to our website and made five figures worth of sales.

  11. Our timeliness fostered a purchase
    Sherry Holub, JV Media Design
    I was managing a client’s social media and fielded an initial question from a tweet. The interaction went on for about 10 minutes, and the person ended up making a purchase over $50 from the client’s website. With social, it pays to be on top of customer interaction and provide timely and helpful responses that can turn into a sale.

  13. We track social ROI by using promo codes
    Zondra Wilson, Blu Skin Care
    I post coupons on my social media sites with a specific code that isn’t offered anywhere else. Customers enter the code during checkout, which makes it really easy to measure ROI on each social promotion.

  15. We sync email campaigns with social ads to generate sales
    Andrew Choco, Directive Consulting

    We combined an email blast with Facebook ads to promote a 10% off sale. We created a custom audience on Facebook based on the email list (around 6,000 people). From there, we synchronized a giant email blast with an ad campaign highlighting the sale, and only targeting those 6,000 people. We used a budget of around $25 a day, and ran the ads for 4 days, spending $100 total. This ensured that our audience would see the ads at least twice during the whole campaign. The sale performed very well, generating over $400 of sales just from the Facebook ads.

  17. We find customers via hashtags
    Arsineh Ghazarian, Zveil

    We search for unique hashtags such as #YesToTheDress which are often used when brides announce they’ve found their wedding dress (which happens to be the time when brides begin their search for a veil). We then engage with these brides by congratulating them on the instrumental milestone and add provide them with a discount coupon that can be used towards any veil from our collection.

  19. Snapchat closed a deal for us
    Nicole Bermack, Editor at
    A few months ago, we used Snapchat to land a video production client who was on the fence about signing with us. We had a large shoot for another client at the time and sent the potential client snaps of us directing the crew, as well as the lights in our huge studio. The intimacy of Snapchat made the sale feel a lot more personal. Based on the initiative we were taking, the resources we were using, and the passionate crew we were working with, the client signed with us.

If you don’t believe social media is beneficial for your business, there’s a good chance you don’t really know how to maximize it. Try some of the above tips to boost your sales via social media, or contact a local TAB board. A board of fellow entrepreneurs can help you better navigate social media, as well as your long term digital marketing strategy. Get in touch!