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TAB Vancouver

British Columbia, CANADA

Kevin Armstrong


TAB Vancouver

Kevin G. Armstrong is an author, speaker, business advisor, disruptor and authority in implementing simple, proven management solutions – but simple doesn’t mean easy.

In his diverse and accomplished career, he has taught at the high school and college levels, owned and sold small businesses, been an investment firm top seller, and worked in management as a VP at the corporate level, overseeing agencies throughout North America. Kevin has decades of experience helping business owners—from “mom and pops” to Fortune 500s—get more out of their business. Kevin currently leads a group of advisors at the Interdependent Training Group (ITG) which advises business leaders on creating clear vision and implementing strategies to hold their management teams accountable for delivering on their vision.

For the past 20+ years of his career, Kevin has studied the important differences between the roles of ‘leader’ and ‘manager’ in business. His speaking engagements expand on this concept in an interactive, thought-provoking manner which disrupts current thinking and leaves audiences with a new understanding of how leaders can be leveraged through exceptional management to achieve business and personal success.

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Member Success

A few years ago before Kevin Armstrong was my Advisor, I was coming off of two years of consecutive business financial losses, my business was a mess, I had hardly any net worth. I was overweight, I was working 60-70 hours a week, taking 2 interrupted weeks off a year and my family life was in trouble. Today, my business is growing, I just experienced two consecutive profitable years (and expect to double last year’s net income income in 2017). My net worth is up over $1m for the first time ever, I have lost over 40lbs, I took 7 weeks of uninterrupted time off last year (aiming for 8 this year) and my family life is amazing. I have to give my Advisor, Kevin Armstrong, a ton of credit for that turn around.
Kyle Dion
New Line Skateparks MEMBER SINCE 2013
Kevin’s insights on leadership have always been on target and more importantly have proven extremely valuable in my development as a leader and have been a key driver of Unitech’s incredible success.
Rick Boates
Unitech Construction Management MEMBER SINCE 2000
My business has gone from a constant state of ups and down of unpredictability to much more stability with consecutive months of profit. I now find I can break away from my company not just physically but mentally I can take a real holiday, thanks to Kevin.
Bruce Blom
M&T Air Conditioning Ltd MEMBER SINCE 2011
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