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The Alternative Board™ brings you a trusted, close-knit community of CEOs and business owners who’ve faced similar situations.


Honest feedback from experienced peers


Confidential space to discuss challenges


Accountability for achieving goals


Increased income and profitability

The Alternative Board™ helps business owners and leaders confidently reach their financial and strategic goals. We offer busy entrepreneurs a powerful, streamlined program that includes peer advisory boards, one-on-one coaching, expert speakers, robust business tools and invaluable TAB connections.

Why go it alone when you’re faced with important, challenging decisions, especially during times of economic uncertainty? Members of TAB boards get better valuation and satisfaction from their businesses — and grow 2.5x faster than the national average.


Member's Feedback

“My Board Members were the only ones that were brutally honest with me about the changes I needed to make; it was the truth I needed to hear.”

— Kimberly Stufflet | Preferred Aviation Underwriters