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The Wireless Internet Revolution

If you own a small business, more WIFI equals less phone bills.

There’s a lot of tech news on the home page of Forbes today.  Dell is going private, America is on the verge on nationwide wireless coverage, there are issues with privacy settings on Facebook, and your iPhone isn’t as safe as you thought it was.  I’m going to ignore the story about iPhones, and the story about Facebook, because some variation of those stories appear on the Forbes homepage every day.  As a business owner, CEO’s and PE groups taking a public company private is great food for thought.

A nationwide wireless network is a game changer.

The privatization of companies has been a hot topic in the press lately; Richard Shulze, the founder and former chairman of Best Buy is attempting to recapture the throne at his electronics empire.  Facebook also went public last year; as I’m sure you know, the social networking giant had one of the least successful IPO’s of all time.  Now Dell, the struggling manufacturer of personal computers, is taking itself off the stock market.

If I owned a business, I would be doing some serious goals reevaluation right now.  Want to take your company public?   Why?

In more important news, the federal government is working with television stations to turn The United States of America into a giant wireless hotspot.  What does this mean for your business?  Building a wireless network of this size is an enormous undertaking, but once it is completed, nationwide wireless will mean that you don’t need a cellular telephone.  You will be able to use internet based applications for everything, Skype or Google Talk for phone calls, and Whatsapp for text messaging.

Unless you’re in the mobile phone business, this is great news.  In the not so distant future, you won’t be paying a cell phone bill.  If you provide your staff with phones, your operating costs could go way down.  Also, even though this seems impossible, more WIFI means that the growth rate of internet access by mobile device is going to increase.

If you don’t have a mobile version of your website, it’s time to start thinking small…

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