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TAB Plymouth


Will Shain

Owner & President

TAB Plymouth

Will Shain is the President of Peer Biz Advisors, Inc., which specializes in executive coaching, management consulting and the exclusive and effective peer advisory board model, TAB (The Alternative Board). With over 30 years of business experience, Will brings a unique empathy to his work with small business owners and CEOs, highlighted by a patient and persistent attitude that is based on individual accountability and organizational effectiveness. He has been involved in a broad range of business challenges with accomplishments that include planning and executing on organizational growth and development, sales force excellence, creative marketing strategies, new product development, pricing and profitability, and other sustainable business strategies. He currently works with companies that range in size from $400,000 to $22,000,000 in annual sales with equal effectiveness. He has actively participated on corporate Boards of Directors for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Will leverages a unique educational background in the sciences with experience in research & development, manufacturing, operations and executive management, to provide insight that Owners, Presidents and CEOs value.


Member Success

I’ve worked with TAB-Plymouth for about six months and have already made substantial strides in organizing and growing my business, and making helpful connections with other professionals in the area. We had a saying in this firm for years that there were many “nouns” (static ideas that were never acted upon) , but transitioning those nouns to “verbs” (actionable tasks with a defined plan to achieve the goal) never seemed to happen. TAB helped us organize our vision, strengthen our weak spots, and capitalize on opportunities. Today, our nouns are finally verbs!
Deborah Campbell
Deborah F. Campbell, CPA MEMBER SINCE 2018
I highly recommend that you consider talking to TAB-Plymouth about business coaching and advisory boards. A great deal of my enthusiasm stems from the guidance and accountability that is driven by my TAB Board and my coach. After working with both over two years, I can honestly say that my revenues and profits have reliably increased over the past 24 months.
Barry Crimmins
Law Offices of Barry R. Crimmins, P.C. MEMBER SINCE 2017
As a TAB member, through the regular coaching sessions and monthly Board meetings, I gain invaluable mentor and peer support. The TAB ethos and coaching approach has helped me to plan personal and business goals and set direction. This is supported by the wealth of knowledge, skills, experience and support that is shared by the board who provide Impartial, informed and considered guidance and advice on all types of business issues, that enable me to gain fresh perspectives, identify blind spots and fill my skill gaps. Over the last twelve months TAB has effectively become my company’s non-executive board and its members my trusted colleagues.
Mark Reilly
South Shore Equine Clinic and Diagnostic Center MEMBER SINCE 2013
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