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How does your company compare to leading businesses? Answer these questions to find out.

On average, I spend at least 50% of my time each week on the strategic or big-picture areas of my business. Most weeks, I do not spend my time putting out fires and doing work that an employee at a lower rate of pay could do just as well.

We have a written company vision statement that every employee knows. Our employees are working together to help the company achieve this vision.

We measure the engagement level of our employees, and are aware that most are engaged, committed and willing to go above and beyond for the benefit of the company.

We have achieved consistent and healthy year-over-year growth in sales revenue.

We have developed a strong brand for our business that our customers understand and identify with. Customer retention measurements suggest they buy more from us and stay loyal to us because of the brand.

Our customers know and value the benefits our products or services provide. They understand how our offering is different from and superior to competitive offerings.

Our profits exceed industry averages and we do not have any cash flow challenges. We are financially prepared in the event of an economic downturn.

We routinely measure our customer service levels. We use this data to improve the performance of our business. Our employees consistently provide exceptional customer service and our customers feel valued.

Our key business processes are well-documented and our employees would be able to continue to function at a high level if one or more key employees departed.

We have a formal hiring process that is intended to identify and secure top talent. It goes beyond the “hard” skills of the job, and includes the assessment of their behavioral styles. We are constantly working to upgrade our talent and are not reluctant to terminate those that perform below expectations or no longer fit the company vision. We have a culture that nurtures great employees.

Our business operates from a strategic and annual operating plan and all business activities are aligned with these plans.

We manage our business using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that give us an early indication of future financial performance. We review and track our KPIs on a weekly basis.

My partners and family members that work in the business are fully aligned on the direction of the business and have no significant conflict.

I know what my exit strategy is from the business and I’m confident I will exit successfully. In the event of my death or incapacitation, I have prepared a guiding document with my express wishes for the continuation or sale of my business.

I have specified the work-life balance I desire now and in the future. I have reached my work-life balance goal or have a specific plan for how I am going to achieve my work/life balance goal.

I have an effective sounding board of trusted advisors that I utilize when making important business decisions.

Employees are given written expectations, are committed to and accountable for their results and know how their responsibilities contribute to the overall objectives and performance of the business.

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Looking to take your business to the next level?

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