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TAB Northwest Ohio


Ed Miller


TAB Northwest

TAB NW Ohio helps a diverse range of forward thinking business owners grow their businesses and improve their lives by facilitating local advisory boards of non-competing independent businesses owners. TAB Boards work to:

  • Increase sales and profits through practical, strategic advice derived from the shared experiences of fellow board members.
  • Develop implementation strategies that business owners are held accountable to achieve.
  • Improve the work/life balance for business owners through processes to encourage more efficient delegation and management.

Ed has both started and run his own business for the past 27 years. He has a proven track record of improving profitability, having worked with international companies as large and diverse as Alcoa, Toshiba and Apple.

Ed’s real joy comes from working with small businesses and their owners, partnering with them to strengthen their overall strategic positions. He is a certified business coach ready to serve in assisting small business owners in bringing immediate and lasting results to their daily and long-term personal and professional endeavors.