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Learning to be Open to Change

TAB Members Bill and Susanne BoisvenuePart of being a successful small business owner is being open to change. When Bill Boisvenue joined a small television repair shop in 1981, he didn’t foresee that by 1989 he would take ownership of the business. Around that time, he determined that demand for TV repair was falling, while the need for personal computer repair was beginning to take off.

Heeding this pivotal change, Bill went back to school to learn computers and began to transition his business into what has today become a leading IT solutions company.

The IT firm, also known as “Your IT Guardian Angels,” provides managed services and data center hosting for small to mid-size businesses. The company has experienced consistent growth since the transition from televisions to computers.

In 2012, Bill felt it was again time for a change. He sought a way to take his company to the next level and found that the concepts and structure offered by TAB were just what he was looking for. These days, Bill and Susanne Boisvenue meet monthly with their TAB Facilitator and continue to identify and work on their critical issue.

“Our facilitator has had a huge impact on our business lives,” Bill says. “His experience and guidance have been invaluable.”

A Personal and Company Vision

However, it has been what Bill calls TAB’s “core concepts” that have significantly impacted his life, and also that of Susanne, a partner at BSC Solutions Group.

“TAB had us think about and write down our personal and company vision,” he explains. “It was a great exercise, that really made us stop and evaluate what we were doing on a daily basis and why. It helped us make some fundamental decisions that led to key changes in our business.”

He adds: “We’ve benefited by identifying critical success factors and creating smart goals to resolve them. We have a clear vision of our priorities and work on these every day.”

As a result of documenting his vision, as well as identifying and focusing on critical success factors for the business, Bill says his life is significantly different.

Improved Relationships with Customers

His TAB Facilitator has been instrumental in getting the company’s marketing efforts updated and running consistently. In addition to updating the company’s website and logo and leveraging social media, Bill blogs and sends newsletters to customers on a regular schedule.

“Right now we have a better relationship with our existing customers because of the improved marketing program,” he says. “We’re looking for new customers, of course, but also strengthening our relationship with existing clients.”

BSC Solutions Group’s internal processes have also received needed attention. Updated job descriptions, responsibilities, expectations and measurements have all been put in place.

“In less than a year, we underwent a major transformation,” Bill says. “Many small businesses don’t take on the types of tasks that TAB would have them do, even though we know we should. I would certainly recommend TAB to other business owners. It could change your life.”