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TAB Greensboro High Point

North Carolina

Jay Brennan


TAB Greensboro High Point

Jay is President of The Alternative Board of Greensboro & High Point and owner of JayBird Management, a turnaround and general management consulting firm located in Greensboro, NC.

Jay has over 20 years experience owning and operating a variety of small businesses, with revenues ranging from $2 MM to over $20 MM. Jay is a generalist, with extensive experience in finance, operations and cost control.

JayBird Management works with small companies to develop and refine their business strategies, write business plans and raise outside capital. Additionally, JayBird Management assists companies in making necessary company changes, such as developing and implementing a new sales and marketing plan.

Jay has owned or operated companies in distribution (upholstery leather importing), manufacturing (personal care products) and, most recently, education (K-12 online charter school), as the President of the Online Learning Division of White Hat Management. Jay currently serves as the Screening Chair of the Piedmont Angel Network (PAN), a $5 MM committed capital fund that invests in startups in the North Carolina region.

Jay received his B.A in English and Economics, summa cum laude, from Colgate University and a joint JD/MBA from the University of Virginia.

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John Melson

Certified Contract Facilitator Greensboro High Point

Member Success

TAB helped me to focus on the things that have made my business scalable. I was tempted to divert my attention to another endeavor, but TAB helped me determine that was not prudent. The economy, and specifically new building starts, have helped, but the degree of capitalization would not have been possible were it not for TAB. I compare my situation with another franchise owner who was in my shoes several years ago and I am way ahead, in fact we just bought him out. My revenues have doubled, and my capacity has increased four times from what it was three years ago. I have time to be with my girls, work on my hobbies and enjoy life.
Bill Armstrong
President – ProHome Colorado MEMBER SINCE 2011
I have found my investment in TAB to be one of the best things I have done. One of the benefits of joining TAB has been the Peer Board Member’s help in designing a sales program that works. It works because I took the time to help our sales people become better salespeople, not merely pressure them to do more of the same. By being around people who think differently who are going to ask me each meeting how I did, compels me to make the improvements that enable me to enjoy life, and boy, do I enjoy life. I recommend this amazing program without question.
Anson Thompson
The Thompson Group MEMBER SINCE 2016
As a TAB member, through the regular coaching sessions and monthly Board meetings, I gain invaluable mentor and peer support. The TAB ethos and coaching approach has helped me to plan personal and business goals and set direction. This is supported by the wealth of knowledge, skills, experience and support that is shared by the board who provide Impartial, informed and considered guidance and advice on all types of business issues, that enable me to gain fresh perspectives, identify blind spots and fill my skill gaps. Over the last twelve months TAB has effectively become my company’s non-executive board and its members my trusted colleagues.
Saul Goldfarb
Goldfarb & Associates MEMBER SINCE 2011
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