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Improve Your Phone Communications for Greater Customer Service

Everyone in your business is a salesperson and the impression - positive or negative - each person makes is an advertisement for your business. This can add up to hundreds or thousands of advertisements delivered each day.

Join us to learn why your telephone attitude impacts the level of service you provide and how to achieve more positive and productive conversations when interacting with your valued customers. Presented by Jeannie Davis of Now Hear This Inc., an expert on phone communication for great customer service and brand building.

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Is Technology Eating your Business? How to Survive in an Automated World

The business headlines today are dominated by startups, billion dollar valuations, and rock star CEOs. While this is generally great news for the economy, the speed at which some industries are advancing with the advent of new technology, can be alarming for existing businesses. For example, the revolutionary ride-share model introduced by Uber, has seen them take the worldwide taxi industry by storm in only 5 years. Learn how you can adapt your business to the new market realities.

Presented by Joe Gleinser, Founder and President of GCS Technologies, a provider of a wide range of advanced IT solutions and consulting, based in Austin, Texas.

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Windows 10 is Here, is Your Business ready?

You have likely heard that Windows 10 has been released and is a free upgrade for your Windows 7 or 8 machine, but is your business ready for it? This new release is more than your average software upgrade, and there are a number of ways your business can be impacted by it; positively and negatively.

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Great Customer Service is a Design Activity

Many businesses think that a great attitude, good motivation and hard work are the recipe for great customer service. From my perspective, unless the customer experience is designed into the product or service offering, a business cannot provide a superior customer experience. In this webinar, I'll discuss the four ingredients necessary to providing great customer service.

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From “Reputation Management” to “Reputation Marketing”

We'll discuss the shift in thinking that's well underway among digital marketers toward reputation-as-a-marketing-channel and how it impacts your business. You'll learn how customer reviews impact businesses, how to see reviews as an asset and not a liability, how to treat customer reviews as a marketing channel and strategies/tactics for review acquisition and amplification.

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Why Small Businesses are a Cyber Criminal’s Favorite Target

Weekly, if not daily, the news is reporting on the latest data breach or ransomware attack against a major corporation, social media giant, hospital or other notable organization in our communities. As small business owners, we naturally think, “they’re after the big guys; I’m too small to be a target.” This is a dangerous thought that couldn’t be further from the truth! According to Ponemon Institute’s 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity report, cybercrime against small businesses (those with 250 or fewer employees) has nearly tripled since 2011. Today, 43% of all cyber attacks target small business.

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