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Linking Your Actions to Financial Impact

In business, we make many decisions every day that impact the financial results. To make the best decisions, you need to have the mindset and tools that will enable you to think through facts and alternatives. Join us as we get past the accounting and on to an understanding of earnings, expenses and investments. You will learn to use a valuable tool to improve your financial mindset, so you will recognize financial impact points and make better business decisions. Presented by finance expert, Jean Cook of TAB Tulsa.

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Financial Tips for all Phases of Business

Insights from a CFO's perspective, and how they can impact your business. We will examine the three major phases (Start-up, expansion and right-sizing) of a business and provide important insights from the CFO’s perspective.

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Preparing Your Business for Tax Season

Preparing for tax season is a yearlong activity--it isn’t just preparing your tax return. We’ll cover how the expensing of assets now includes qualified real estate, whether retirement plans should be implemented before December 31, 2016 and if you can be classified as a “Manufacturer,” which could potentially qualify you for receiving 9% of your profits tax-free. The webinar will also discuss how foreign businesses that own or work with U.S. businesses can consider arbitrating the various tax rates.

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