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Just Do It, or Just Regret It

Jul. 11, 2013 | Posted by The Alternative Board Worldwide

It's summertime, a yearly boon for personal adventures and excursions outside of the business world.  Yet the experiences gained outside the office can inevitably follow you back indoors and along your career path.

Take my colleague, Katie. Almost every weekend of the summer finds her departing the city limits, accompanied by her faithful Labrador, to make new adventures and fully enjoy the warmer seasons.  She recounted to me one of her latest outings which outlined a simple yet powerful lesson that transcends all buildings and landscapes:

Sometimes you just need to do it.  Or you can just regret it.

Katie was on a camping and rafting trip with friends when they came to the head of Rodeo, a set of Class IV rapids on the Eagle River in Colorado.  Instead of complying with the wishes of her companions to get off the river before reaching this challenging area, Katie was emboldened:  she knew they could take these rapids.  For every fear and doubt they raised about getting successfully (and uninjured!) through Rodeo, Katie countered with encouragement and a certainty of inevitable triumph.

Finally, her friends acquiesced on one condition:  Katie would have to be the rafting guide for their attempt.

If you're unfamiliar with rafting, the guide sits at the rear of the raft and assesses the river, chooses the best route forward, and directs the other rowers to paddle the raft in the right direction.  If they make a bad call or don't time their directives accurately, the entire raft can go broadside and lose control over dangerous rocks and falls.

But Katie was up for it.  She assumed the seat of leadership and steered her companions and their raft true.  In the end, they conquered the Rodeo rapids and celebrated the chance they had taken at Katie's encouragement.

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Why is this relevant to business, you ask?  

Katie returned that Monday to the office we share brimming with the success of her experience and the knowledge that her coaching created for them all a triumph with a long shelf life.

When you can bring success from personal risks back to the office, how difficult is it to deter you from the every day challenges?

What are some of your best personal triumphs from outside the corporate world?

photo taken by familymwr


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Written by The Alternative Board Worldwide

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