Contact Information

Founder and Executive Chairman

Allen E. Fishman

Allen E. Fishman, a Wall Street Journal and bestselling author, is Founder and Executive Chairman of The Alternative Board (TAB®), the world’s largest franchise system offering peer advisory groups and coaching services for business owners. The TAB system has benefited over 20,000 businesses and business owners in countries around the world.

Allen Fishman has a fiery passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to provide needed unique processes and tools every privately-owned business could use to achieve greater success. Strategic Business Leadership®, is one of the business systems Mr. Fishman has developed. It is an easy-to-use business coaching system used by TAB franchisees with their TAB members to move business owners from a leadership style based upon the “idea of the week” to one based upon strategic thinking. The unique Strategic Business Leadership® coaching process includes a series of simple exercises designed to help entrepreneurs merge their personal and business goals to set a course toward success – on their own terms.

Prior to creating TAB, Mr. Fishman was President and co-owner of a consumer electronics chain, which, after attaining great success, became a publically traded company listed in the USA on the NASDAQ exchange.

Mr. Fishman holds a finance degree, Magna Cum Laude, and a Juris Doctorate law degree.

His advice and perspectives have assisted business owners around the world to lead their businesses to greater success and to achieve greater personal balance in their life. Mr. Fishman is a noted expert on what is needed for businesses to move to greater levels of success. He has been featured in numerous media outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Fortune Small Business, Business Week, the Chicago Tribune, Denver Post and Nation’s Business and Profit Magazine. He has also been a frequent guest on television networks, such as CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, and First Business and on radio shows such as Public Radio International’s Marketplace. Fishman’s ease with the media stems back to the time he hosted his own business talk radio show, Formula for Success, on a CBS affiliate.

Mr. Fishman has been honored to address organizations such as the Institute of Management Science, the Mobil Oil Distributor Group, the Consumer Electronics Industries Association, the National Association of Retail Dealers of America (“NARDA”), and the National Association of Corporate Growth.

For over a decade, Mr. Fishman wrote the newspaper business advice column, Business Insights, which was nationally syndicated throughout the USA by Tribune Media Services.
His business books include:
• 7 Secrets of Great Entrepreneurial Masters: The GEM Power Formula for Lifelong Success
• 9 Elements of Family Business Success: A Proven Formula for Improving Leadership & Relationships in Family Business
• Strategic Business Leadership: A system for moving from a leadership style based upon the “Idea of the Week” to one based upon Strategic Thinking
• The Alignment Factor: Unlock Potential, Boost Employee Performance, and Increase Profits
• Allen Fishman’s Business Financing Kit: Financing advice for business owners and managers
• StratPro: The Strategic Business Transformation Process
• The Five Habits of High Impact Managers: Take Your Management and Leadership Skills to the Next Level
• The Aligned Workplace: More Productivity! Less Stress!

President and CEO

Jason P. Zickerman

Jason Zickerman drives the strategic vision and continued expansion of The Alternative Board’s (TAB) international business advisory network, spanning more than 900 cities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Venezuela. Jason’s innate ability to counsel and reshape businesses to positions of market leadership has enabled him to drive TAB’s landmark success, growing TAB to become one of the world’s largest for-profit peer board and coaching services franchise organization serving business owners and industry visionaries alike.

Jason is an internationally known business development and growth advisor who maintains an exceptional knowledge and passion for business, combined with strategic counsel and astuteness that fuels the success of the organizations he speaks with. His expert counsel is consistently recognized throughout the business world’s most influential media, including: Business Week, CNN, CFO, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, Investor’s Business Daily, MSNBC, The Associated Press, Smart Money, and Reuters. Jason has also made multiple appearances on Fox Business News due to the real-world value and timeliness of his counsel and his position as an authority on issues faced by small- to medium-sized businesses.

Jason maintains a broad base of specialties including subjects such as visionary leadership, strategic planning and the intricate challenges faced by family businesses. As such, Jason was a contributor to The Wall Street Journal best-seller, 9 Elements of Family Business Success: A Proven Formula for Improving Leadership & Relationships in Family Business written by TAB Founder and Executive Chairman Allen E. Fishman.

Jason is dedicated to education and advocacy in the international franchise community. He has earned the designation of Certified Franchise Executive and he is a member of the ICFE Board of Governors for the International Franchise Association. Jason’s involvement in the International Franchise Association is significant. He is a member of the International Committee, including acting as the Vice Chair, and is a frequent speaker and moderator at the IFA’s international conferences.

Chief Financial Officer

Ray Goshorn

Ray Goshorn is the Director of Finance at TAB Boards International, Inc. He is responsible for the day to day management of the accounting department, key in the development of company financial visions and oversees the clear communication and accountability of variances.

Goshorn has over 25 years of executive level experience in the franchise environment, working with all sizes from start-up franchises to systems with over 5,000 units. Franchisee profitability is his specialty and that passion has led to the development and implementation of many financial performance tools to assist franchise owners in achieving higher levels of profitability in their business.

Vice President of International Development

Michele Fishman

Michele Fishman is the Vice President of International Development and co-owner of The Alternative Board (TAB). She is co-author of the book Strategic Business Leadership: The Proven Formula For Greater Company Success.

Michele focuses on TAB’s international development, which is now operating in 11 countries. Michele believes that TAB succeeds in other countries because the TAB system has been so successful in helping business owners achieve greater success and because of TAB’s desire to understand the unique aspects of local cultures and adapt the TAB model to the needs of other countries.

Since TAB’s formation in 1990, Michele has worked in various capacities, including media relations, marketing, and developing TAB facilitation and coaching training programs and protocols.

Michele earned her Masters Degree in International Relations from Washington University. She also has a BA in History and English from The University of Texas at Austin and a Post-Baccalaureate graduate degree in Education from Washington University.

Chief Experience Officer

David Scarola

Businesses can no longer pursue marketing/growth programs without considering the underlying technology that enable these efforts. As Vice President of The Alternative Board, Dave is responsible for executive oversight of all Information Technology, Marketing and Member Management activities. In this role, Dave continually seeks ways to marry technology with process to improve TAB brand awareness. Ultimately, Dave hopes to support bringing the TAB value proposition to significantly greater numbers of business owners, consultants and transitioning executives.

Dave has over 20 years of consulting, product development and technology experience across many different industries including telecommunications, hospitality, healthcare and financial services. Most recently, he was Chief Information Officer of ResortQuest International, a vacation property management and real estate company. Prior to that, Dave spent five years in business consulting with BearingPoint, leading a variety of consulting and Information Technology programs for various Fortune 500 companies.

Dave holds a bachelor’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Telecommunications degree from the University of Denver. Dave has been certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute. Dave holds a patent for a software algorithm.

To learn more about some of Dave’s ideas, visit The Business Owner’s Blog.

Chief Innovation Officer

Jeffrey Polino

Mr. Polino’s creativity, knowledge of TAB and possessing more than a decade of success make him the ideal individual to lead TAB franchisees and members into new frontiers through strategic solutions.

Mr. Polino summarizes his innovative approaches in four points: “Primary steps in developing dynamic solutions to business challenges are to take a calculated risk based on information, imagination and initiative, resist following only traditional methods, create an organizational structure to harness creativity and identify opportunities, and align the solution to a platform that will support the sustainability and growth of the business model.”

Mr. Polino specializes in working with business executives, consultants and transitioning executives worldwide to maximize their impact and direct their talents toward building their businesses and attaining their goals and personal visions.

Mr. Polino excels at assessing and launching new markets and developing and implementing innovative strategies to increase client and company profitability. He is a successful domestic and international business coach, professionally trained presenter and skilled sales trainer.

Director of Membership Acquisition

Phil Schwolert

Phil’s passion for business and people brought him to TAB, initially as a Field Support Trainer and now as Director of Membership Acquisition, responsible for leading all member acquisition efforts for TAB business owners. This includes developing and testing new methodologies; training and coaching in a classroom setting, as well as in the field; and ongoing efforts to constantly improve the overall acquisition process. He also oversees other Field Support Trainers and their efforts.

Phil joined the private sector in 2004, when he left a 20-year public agency and non-profit organization career to launch The Homesteader-Northern Colorado Edition, a monthly homeowner’s magazine and later Flame Communications, LLC., a marketing and communications consulting firm. He served three years as a business owner advisory board member and recently served as facilitator/coach for a local TAB board.

From 2010 to early 2014, Phil led business development for Novo Energy and Oilfield Distributing, where he helped develop energy projects and managed equipment and professional service sales throughout their US and international markets.

Chief Marketing Officer

Jodie Shaw

Jodie Shaw is the Chief Marketing Officer for The Alternative Board (TAB). Jodie has over 20 years experience in marketing within B2B environments, with close to 10 of those years spent in franchising.

Jodie has worked in various advertising and marketing roles throughout her career. Prior to joining TAB, Jodie was the Global Chief Marketing Officer and CEO of a global business coaching franchise which operated in 50+ countries.

Results orientated, Jodie is focused on growing TAB’s presence on a local, national and global level.

General Counsel

Seamus Ryan

Seamus Ryan joined TAB with over a decade of experience representing franchisors, entrepreneurs and general corporate clients, and has also previously served as the General Counsel for two national franchisors. Seamus is conversant with virtually all aspects of business law including contract drafting and negotiation, dispute resolution, employment issues, regulatory compliance and real estate matters. Seamus also currently serves on the Board of Directors of several companies and charitable organizations.

Seamus has a proven ability to determine the shortest distance between the problem and the solution to almost any legal matter, and he takes genuine satisfaction from helping TAB franchisees develop successful businesses